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Catch 22: Yossarian hovers over a dying Snowden

Catch 22: Yossarian hovers over a dying Snowden

Man was matter, that was Snowden’s secret. Drop him out a window, and he’ll fall. Set fire to him and he’ll burn. Bury him and he’ll rot, like other kinds of garbage. The spirit gone, man is garbage. That was Snowden’s secret. Ripeness was all.

― Joseph Heller, Catch 22

After the whistles blew, uncovering extensive surveillance of the American people by the National Security Agency, outrage filled the headlines. The streets, themselves, were quiet, but the media went apeshit. I, Vic Neverman, skipped over the story as a non-event, what I perceived to be common knowledge. In Bluffsdale, Utah, NSA’s Spy City is being erected to store each of our phone conversations, texts, tweets and emails where their algorithmic spider-bots crawl over the words in search of suspicion worth red-flagging. This is going to be the Tower of Big Brother Babel. But what is the point of building a Spy City if the NSA isn’t going to poach records from Verizon and the rest of corporate infomerica? This latest whistle-blowing is only news to the mainstream.

Julian Assange, CIA patsy or just pastey? Seen here today at the Ecuadoran Embassy.

Julian Assange, CIA patsy or just pastey? Seen here today at the Ecuadoran Embassy.

What did raise a brow of suspicion is this Edward Snowden character, the confessed leaker. It is a strange, treasonous age we live in, where these whistleblowers become celebrities. We never learned much about the Wiki-Leaker Bradley Manning before the Pentagon put him in the dungeon, but we now all about Julian Assange, the Godfather of Leakage currently hiding out in an Ecuadoran Embassy in London and this dude is total creepers (and setup according to the Cubans). The latest to the party is Snowden, formerly anonymously known as Verax (which is Latin for “kitchen stain remover” or some shit like that), the tech contractor employed by Booz Allen Hamilton and who, from the luxury of his Hong Kong hotel hideout, gave his big scoop to the Guardian and the Wash Post.

(curious about who the heck is Booz Allen Hamilton? see this profile from Top Secret America)

Something is rotten in the Land of Danes as this dude stinks like thawed red herring. First, “Snowden” is obviously another pseudonym, a name borrowed from Joseph Heller’s classic war satire, Catch 22. It was the character Snowden who dies in Yossarian’s arms; Snowden, whose spilt guts tell the protagonist bombardier the “secret” of man and man’s mortality. Yossarian is driven mad with the secret, yet also enlightened with the knowledge that death is inevitable.

Edward Snowden, spilling his guts about the NSA

Edward Snowden, spilling his guts about the NSA

This Snowden, too, is something of a martyr of enlightenment – or so he likes to portray himself. According to him, instead of living out a comfy existence in Hawai’I with his girlfriend and 6-figure salary, he decided to go public with the NSA’s dirty laundry. He says he thought long and hard about the negative impact this will have on his family. He says he realizes he will never be able to go home.

Ed Snowden has all the makings of a disingenuous, self-righteous douchebag.

Don’t get me wrong – I am pro-transparency. I am anti-fascist. I am against the Police State watching me watching them watching me. I think Bradley Manning is a hero, but a treasonous one that should be punished according to our laws. I believe Julian Assange is doing great work; just that he is another self-righteous, self-appointed savior of our liberties and a dick. Time will tell what we learn about this Snowden dude. We don’t yet know the ends to know if they justify his means. Apparently, the whistle tune he blew was so shocking the press will only release a fraction of it. It is hard to tell, yet, just how necessary it was for Snowden to sacrifice his lap of luxury for the benefit of our perverse private texts, but we are bound to learn more.

Cue Julian Assange, who just crawled out of his Ecuadoran Embassy hole in London to propose Snowden for sainthood and to offer Wiki-Leaks up to host all the dirty little secrets of Snowden’s spilt entrails. We may very soon learn much more…

Who is Spain?
Why is Hitler?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

― Joseph Heller, Catch 22


Saturday Morning, 11/5/11

The foliage at ‘Freedom Park’ is sparse, but bearing enough bushiness to allow me, Vic Neverman, to lurk nearly undetected by the collective mass of protestor. Should I be discovered and interrogated, my cover story was that of wayward coleopterist, searching for the elusive Cicindela sexgutta (a Latin term for the six-spotted tiger beetle). No surprise, the majority of my preparation for this cover was practice saying ‘Cicindela sexgutta‘. The true target of my observations, though, was the Occupation movement that had gathered in this grassy corner of Orlando to protest corporate greed.

Gaustmeister, the co-author of my work-in-process 6,000 page tome on the Fourth Crusade, mentioned (49% mockingly/51% deathly serious) the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror grew out of a similar casual dissatisfaction as what is evidenced by Occupy Wall Street and its spawned geographical varieties. It is with this historical perspective I carried a worst case scenario on this venture. Upon arrival, my attention – and my imagination – was immediately swept up by one of the charismatic leaders of the movement. Fear not: Vic was not swayed emotionally or politically to join the ranks, but rather I became fawningly spellbound by the harmonic voice of this dreadlocked woman behind the Guy Fawkes mask as she yelled out for a ‘Mic Check’. No, I wasn’t about to take up her cause, but I did allow myself to be enchanted by the beauty of her delivered fiery diatribe about the movement not being a fight between good and evil, but rather a fight for fair representation in government. Meanwhile, a counter-protestor held a sign up to inform the crowd that the Tea Party was going to “kick your ass”. Bucky Swoon would have been proud…

One of the next speakers, who followed this Lady Fawkes, had perhaps the worst idea I have ever heard at a political rally. This fantastic fool rambled about how the ‘natives’ owned land before ‘Manifest Destiny’ (which is untrue, ownership of property wasn’t even a concept of Native Americans) and how this land was now under the control of the Mexican drug cartels. This fantastic fool called out the underrepresented ‘natives’ to stand up, leave their reservation and their bingo parlors and take back their land from the cartels. It is idiocy like this, from someone who seemed to be associated with the Occupy Orlando leadership, that is going to continue to undermine the approachability of this cause for the greater public. Which is exactly how I knew she was a plant – an agent provocateur assigned to discredit the movement. Even her Guy Fawkes mustache seemed crooked.

Despite my agitation over the fool and my desire to speak to Lady Fawkes – if only to say the words “Cicindela sexgutta” – I had to remain the impartial observer. It became time for the march to downtown Orlando to begin. I removed myself to a tavern for refreshment and to consult my notes.

Occupy Everything Conspiracies

The first call to protest and the occupation of Wall Street can be traced back to the Canadian anti-materialism magazine, AdBusters. This magazine is supported, in part, by the Tides Foundation, which is donated to by the liberal billionaire George Soros, who happens to admit his sympathy to the protestors. See the article below for the allegation Soros is funding OWS.

The fact that a liberal billionaire might have some connection to the Occupation Movement, in itself, means nothing. The fact that it is George Soros means everything – at least to the radical right’s conspiracy theorists. George Soros is the poster boy for conservative fear-mongers, like Glenn Beck who has led the recent charge in anti-Sorosism, claiming George is a “Nazi” collaborating “puppet-master” behind the “New World Order”. Lyndon LaRouche has gone as far to claim George Soros is a global drug kingpin.

Since many call the Occupation Movement the liberal counterpart to the Tea Party, let us for the sake of argument, call Soros the liberal counterpart to the Tea Party funding fraternity, the Koch Brothers. While Soros might have some extreme conspiracy theories out there regarding him, the Koch Brothers have been exposed of having illegal dealings with Iran. I will take Soros over Koch any day of the week. See the Bloomberg expose on the Kochs below…

Another great conspiracy theory involving the Occupation movement involves a figure right here in Orlando: Shayan Elahi, the legal counsel for Occupy Orlando. In a rant by a United West investigator, Shayan Elahi is claimed to be the leader behind Central Florida’s leaderless “occupation”. The column in the link below mentions Elahi is a member of the Council on American Islamic Relations and then makes a radical jump to insist the CAIR is Hamas and Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood and thus the organization that stepped into the power vacuum created by the Arab Spring is indeed running the show in Orlando.

While the author of the United West column is an adept at fear mongering, I still find the Islamic connection to the local movement curious. The anarchists, atheists, and hippies I have seen at these rallies are the furthest thing from Jihadists, but the pawns of any good conspiracy would not be the usual suspects. This is certainly one potential plot worth monitoring.

In summation, the most-prevalent conspiracy theories behind the Occupation Movement are reaches for some very biased “journalism” as a means to discredit the protests. While I am not ready to become an advocate for the Occupy Everything, the true motive has yet to be realized by the participants and those that oppose them.

Return to Freedom Park

The true motive behind Occupy Everything seems as elusive as that damned six-spotted tiger beetle. The best speech I heard at ‘Freedom Park’ was by an older gentleman (who admitted to being convicted of a felony via illegal drug possession, and thus being a vote-less citizen) who emphasized the need for all to become informed citizens, to participate in politics at the local level, to invest locally. The overall concept of “if everyone takes care of their own backyard, we will have a nicer neighborhood” is a positive sentiment to take forward, though perhaps a bit too subtle and longterm for those hungry activists in the park who are still split on many issues.

One issue was brought up last week in a general assembly: should Occupy Orlando officially endorse the “Free Bradley Manning” campaign. In an example of sound group judgment, this proposal was shot down. While the Occupation (and Vic Neverman) is a proponent of transparency, and by extension WikiLeaks, the ends do not justify the means and the criminal activity of Bradley Manning (stealing diplomatic cables and sending them to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks to be published, which in part incited the Arab Spring) should be met by fair* punishment. Manning could be considered a hero, but he should not be pardoned for his treason.

*Many have claimed Manning’s interrogations have been excessive and the UN has not been allowed to meet with Manning to discuss his treatment and these allegations.

Saturday afternoon, I returned to Freedom Park post-march (post my pints of beer) to attend a general assembly. The first thirty minutes were an explanation of the rules of the assembly, how to make proposals, how to agree or disagree, etc. The soothing voice of Lady Fawkes adequately described the process as work and not a lot of fun. It was no surprise that the bandana-masked anarchists had not stuck around for this bureaucratic process. In the extra hour I spent pretending to comb the grass for insects, nothing of importance made its way up the hierarchy to be discussed by the crowd at large.

A cool breeze picked up in intensity and since I wasn’t planning on camping out overnight, I decided to make my escape. I had never said “hello” upon arrival and I didn’t bother saying “goodbye” as I left the park. I, Vic Neverman, do have one final message for the dreadlocked beauty behind the Guy Fawkes mask:

Cicindela sexgutta, baby. Cicindela sexgutta

Cogito Ergo Sum… what a crock of shit?

Mind control is likely as old as Adam in Eden, trying to figure out how to subdue his first wife Lilith, that wild minx, she, always wanting to be on top. One early use of hallucinates to assist in mind control would be with the Old Man of the Mountain of the Crusade era. The Old Man is responsible for the term ‘Assassin’ with his elite soldiers who were enlisted as children and given hashish (thus the hashashins, or how Sean Connery would say ‘assassins’) to help simulate the paradise of Allah. These boys would grow into fearless soldiers, fighting relentlessly to return to that state of ecstasy by slaying Latin knights of the Levant as well as fellow Muslims, depending on the Old Man’s agenda of the moment.

American experiments with drugs to assist with mass mind control would include CIA’s MK Ultra project as well as their Hippie movement (led by Timothy Leary amongst other agents, like the MI operative Jimi Hendrix).

What are some modern day examples of this most existentially provoking field?

– Rolling Stone revealed late last month that Lt General Caldwell used PsyOps in Afghanistan to help sway the opinions of visiting congressmen. John McCain, one of those mentioned in the article as a ‘target’ has since come out in defense of Caldwell, going so far as to admit he was skeptical anything so nefarious ever occurred. Or is that exactly what they programmed him to say?

In the long spectrum of mind-control efforts, the military’s PsyOps agenda is fairly tame. The catchy term ‘PsyOps’ is really the descendant of war propaganda of previous generations. In short, PsyOps is no more manipulative and subversive than advertisements on the television.

– Sirhan Sirhan, the Manchurian Candidate supposedly responsible for killing RFK went before a parole board recently where his lawyer not only argued his innocence, but claimed Sirhan Sirhan had been hypnotized during the assassination and has absolutely no recollection of the event taking place.

– Another possible ‘candidate’, via the ‘flower power’ movements of the 60s and 70s is none other than WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose mother married into the Santiniketan Park Association. While Americans might be oblivious to this Australian cult, the SPA was also known as ‘The Great White Brotherhood’ and was run by yoga guru Anne Hamilton-Byrne. Anne collected children into her compound, dressed them similarly, dyed their hair blonde, and raised them in disturbing fashion, introducing them to LSD at an early age. The police eventually put an end to this cult in 1992, but by then the damage was done.

Could Julian Assange, ultra-blonde weirdo that he is, have undergone mind experiments in the 80s with Anne Hamilton-Byrne as some secret government experiment? And could he still be under the influence of some puppet-master?

– Lastly, there is me, Vic Neverman. What I think I think I think is that I have at least twice been intentionally put under the influence of hallucinates and perhaps hypnosis by parties seeking to undermine and control my behavior: once during my cereology studies in England by a femme fatale I failed to suspect and another time during my infiltration of the international corporate conglomeration known simply as Disney. These are stories for another time, but the point is there… Can I trust that my thoughts are truly my own?

According to WikiLeakage, the US State Department has a profound respect for the Vatican’s intelligence gathering ability. The Vatican in turn, bragged about such news. While I was originally surprised with this information (the thought of spying nuns quickly brings to mind Andie MacDowell in the under-appreciated Hudson Hawk), these findings make good sense. In the reports, the State Department makes mention of how Catholic missionaries can get into regions the US government could only dream of. The information then provided back to the Holy See from abroad is invaluable.

And think… perhaps, for a moment… what if all of those confessions between sinner and priest are stricken from the public record while also compiled and sent to bishop to cardinal to pope? In the basement of the Vatican could exist the world’s largest sin database! And here is some real irony for you… when researching via conspiracy theorist online circles (I stumbled upon the rants of Malachi Martin who twenty years ago was saying there were three parties vying to become the one world global power: the socialists, the transnational corporations, and the Vatican), what do I find on this site dedicated to exposing the power-hungry agenda of the Vatican? Sponsorship by an online dating site for Catholic singles. So of course, I signed up. Not that I am Catholic, but I am single and you have to start somewhere.

While we are on the subject, here is a joke: what does Julian Assange have in common with the Pope? Neither one of them will wear a rubber.

And thus I segue into my intolerance for the Papacy’s intolerance of sheep skin apparati. I understand their doctrine: sex for the sake of baby-making between husband and wife is the only allowable sex. Fine, I am not knocking that. My problem is the staunch anti-birth control stance of the Catholic Church. People are going to sin, shouldn’t you then be allowed to, as ZZTop once put it, “take out some insurance and cover your rig”?

The reader of this blog must now be wondering why Vic Neverman is so fired up about the Catholic condom embargo when Vic Neverman isn’t even Catholically active. Remember how the US State Department is so impressed at the Vatican’s access to the world’s hard-to-reach cultures? Let us take Pope Benedict 16’s visit to Africa in 2009 when he shunned the use of a condom to help stop the spread of HIV and instead insisted on abstinence and fidelity. Well, that went over like a lead zeppelin.

The church’s stubborn stance in Africa is not just unhelpful, it is catastrophic. When a lot of the aide given to the local tribes comes without the education of safe sex, a great lesson is missed. There is an African deity, Ifa, who is in charge of love, fertility, child birth, and curiously, sexually transmitted diseases. Ifa is Lady Fortune when it comes to contracting disease and all faith is placed in her hands. Even African Catholics reach out towards Ifa for protection. In 2005, a recently widowed Zambian woman buried her twenty-three year old husband who had died of AIDs. Then, as Ifa’s doctrine would have it, the widow was then taken by a cousin-in-law and forced to have sex with him in order to break the destiny of her dead husband’s bad spirit and thus protect the village from further disease. Thanks to the hybrid African-Catholic religion, this ritual must also be done without the use of a condom.

Egypt has flipped the internet Kill-Switch. For those of you that laughed at my suggestion that Julian Assange was a patsy working for the establishment by releasing relatively weak leaks until the government is justified in flipping the internet kill switch and then regulating all truth that hits the web… suk it. See my blog “Is Julian Assange a Patsy” for more.

This can happen. And will happen soon. If the internet is the greatest medium of free speech in the history of modern man (discounting previous prehistoric civilizations that may have had similar technology), that is all about to change.

It was nice knowing you,

Victor Ulysses Neverman

One might say it is a bit late for a year-in-review piece, but I disagree. There are too many year-in-reviews that occur before the year is even over, which is entirely premature. One must drink their way into the next year, sober-up, sit back and then review. Only then will one fully be able to comprehend said year.

Plus, I am on Chinese Zodiac time anyway. I started my Year of the Tiger drinking snake moonshine and singing Karaoke with a girl who looked like an Asian Lindsay Lohan at a Tet party in the Mekong Delta, so I have weeks to go before the coming Rabbit Year (or Cat Year in Vietnam). But for today, I shall address the calendar year of 2010: the Year of Living Transparently.

Vic Neverman, crooner

The biggest news story to shake the world and current events is easily the WikiLeaks. Those that may disagree need only look at the Tunisian Revolution (the educated poor rising against tyranny after WikiLeakage about a US Diplomat’s belief the tyrant has lost touch with his people) and the riots in Egypt that the Tunisians inspired. While some have to wonder to what end is this Aussie Asshole is striving for, the truth is that transparency in government is the only way to prevent corruption. To some degree, the ends here do justify the means…

But when is there too much transparency?

Take for example two of the year’s great football stories – Cameron Newton and Ben Rothliesberger. Watching these beasts quarterback their teams is a thing to behold. If only these guys weren’t two absolute shit bags. I will cut Cameron some slack as he isn’t guilty of anything yet, but his father is. Ben, while hasn’t been convicted of rape, the fact that there have been multiple rape charges against him start to cut Ockham’s Razor in the direction of guilt.

Cam won his league’s championship and Ben is one game away. What is telling is that these would be great stories if only they didn’t carry so much baggage – luggage which has been dumped on us by all of this transparency. Shouldn’t we just let the gladiators play? We wouldn’t know they are juiced up on steroids if we stopped testing them, right? We wouldn’t know they were concussed if we just let them keep playing, right? Why ruin a great game with too much truth? The impressionable kid doesn’t get let down by his hero if he never learns the truth, does he?

And as far as WikiLeaks, shouldn’t we just let the government do what they think is best? Why should we have to know everything they are up to? They are the ones with the Ivy Leagues and the bones of Geronimo and the hidden Skull & Bones brands, let them do the thinking. They just need me to spend my money like the overweight undereducated consumer I am. Which brings up the point: who cares if the nation’s youth are obese and ignorant because that just makes them good consumers. Patriots in the making…

Fuck that. To quote Martin Luther King, Jr, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere.” Duplicitous diplomats be damned. If athletes want to play at the collegiate level, they need to play by the collegiate rules. And Rothliesberger? Goddamn it, Rothliesberger. You might someday win more titles than any other quarterback, but you are a raging douche-bag in my book. If it weren’t for transparency, I would actually respect you. Thanks transparency.

Transparency levels the playing field. While we may never have the great fairy-tale endings thanks to the brutal honesty of reality, we may also avoid living in a corrupt fascist state where secrecy has us face down in our bowls of sugar saturated cereal.

I have been intrigued for years with the controversy surrounding the death of a natural American hero, Pat Tillman. Books and documentaries came out last year, but they all spin the same record. What we know is this:
-Tillman turned down millions in a football contract to join the Army Rangers post 9/11
-Tillman had gone on the record about the war in Afghanistan being bullshit and had agreed to speak in depth with Noam Chomsky, famed war critic, following his tour of duty
-Tillman was killed in duty, but there was an immediate cover-up and medal awarded for the Army’s golden boy/recruitment tool. The Washington Post would later mention that the Army investigators were aware that the three shots to Pat Tillman’s head were from friendly fire at the time of the medals being awarded. The Tillman family, however, were lied to up past the memorial service.
-The truth comes out, the verdict is friendly fire by American soldiers who were blinded by the sunset as they shot towards the north (blinded by the sunset?)
-Tillman’s diary and other effects were missing from camp
-Fellow soldiers broke protocol and burned the uniform and body armor of Tillman, apparently to hide the “friendly fire”
-Doctors who examined the body concluded the “friendly” fire came from within 10 yards, bringing up the possibility of homicide. Chris Matthews made similar speculations on Hardball
-An investigator of the death criticized Tillman for his atheism, saying that an atheist after death is just “worm dirt”

So along comes Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Now I don’t condone the manner with which the Aussie flamboyantly holds the world hostage with his stolen information, but if the ends justify the means, then the douche bag is a hero for bringing transparency to government… and perhaps… to the controversy surrounding Tillman.

Nice theory. Unfortunately, WikiLeaks has mentioned the Afghan war files surrounding Pat Tillman are missing.

More and more I am starting to believe that we are all being setup by WikiLeaks. Where are the (figurative) bombshells? Are we being spoon fed a censored truth? Is this really the best Assange has to offer – embarrassing comments of the State Department?

According to Cuban newspaper Granma the Swedish women who accused Julian Assange of rape were “honeypots” employed by the CIA, implying that the WikiLeaks founder was actually entrapped!

Of course, those pesky commies will say anything that will put egg all over America’s face. One must be skeptical here and delicate with the terminology of “rape”, which once uttered almost always results in certain social death. In this case, though, the liberal usage of the term in Sweden includes consensual sex without an agreed-upon condom, which was Assange’s crime. He was allowed in the Garden, he just wasn’t allowed to eat of the fruit without a bib.

Certainly nothing to laugh at, yet…

If you think about what the Cubans are implying, even Ian Fleming couldn’t have dreamt up a covert group of six foot blondes who were trained at Quantico by the Agency to practice condom rape entrapment.


Are these charges just a slap on the wrist by the United States to warn Assange to not outstep the agreed upon pace?

You might raise an eyebrow at “agreed upon pace?”

Yes. What if Assange is acting under the direction of the Western Powers he is so publicly trying to undermine with his “leaks”? The leaks so far have been damaging on a public relations standpoint, but really just a mere flesh wound to the mighty Establishment.

“Why would the U.S. want to self-inflict such a wound?”

Look at what happened post 9/11 (whether or not you believe that was an inside job). The defense budget exploded and Homeland Security came into being along with the Patriot Act, putting us one step closer to a police state.

There, I have said it.

There is only one thing left in Their path – freedoms of speech and the press. With one more major “leak”, the government will be able to react in the most drastic way: shutting down the internet and censoring the media. Stating a defense of national security, our free speech and media will vanish. The internet will be parceled out and sold back to us with higher regulations. The days of free internet are over.

That is where we are going.

Then what is all this mess about rape? If Assange is one of Them, why would they entrap him with this charge? Simple. The patsy, Assange became too big for his britches. Assange was teasing us with releasing the complete UFO files. Full disclosure. That was not what the Puppet Master had in mind. Introduce the wrist slap, or “Operation Slippery Rubber”.

We will hear again from Assange. And then we will hear little more…