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Neither lender nor borrower be

–Polonius lecturing Laertes, Hamlet

When I reread Plato, I realize now he wasn’t saying Atlantis literally disappeared beneath the sea, only figuratively. What he was really describing about Atlantis was a real estate market collapse similar to what we are enduring today. Plato was kind of the de facto Occupier of his day, wearing a toga with his Guy Fawkes mask, speaking parables into whatever the ancient Greco equivalent of a bullhorn was.

A lot of good it has done us. We’ve recently learned that LIBOR, the “market-based” rate the financial sector puts all of its faith in, has been manipulated for years affecting as much as $800 trillion in transactions. This is the greatest securities fraud. Ever. And this could obliterate everything as those affected try to right the scale. WTF is going on? What happened to the secret coven of global market masters I dream up in my paranoid slumber? Where are the financial evil geniuses of the Bilderberg Group? Does anyone know what the hell is going on anymore? Does anyone have any… gulp… control?

I decided to discuss the current situation with a frequent source of intel, if not antagonism, Gausthausmeister. This guy has been manipulating the microeconomics of the Deep South for years as a greed monger meandering his way between Huntsville, Ft Myers and Raleigh. I figure if anyone knew what was going on, he would.

Vic: Would you call yourself an elitist scoundrel?

GHM: Scoundrel. Elitist only in the sense I have a focused appreciation for the finer things in life and can’t abide fools or trash

Vic: The other day, I was being followed by a pair of biking Mormons who were dressed for a funeral. When I confronted them, they asked me if I had faith in their faith. When I said no, they asked what I did have faith in. I realized then, I didn’t have faith in anything. I once had faith in the Conspiracy, that there was some clandestine cabal in control, but their power must have been inherited by inbred idiot spawn. No one seems to be in control. What do you have faith in?

GHM: Faith in the fact that we don’t know ‘our place in the world’ and thus if you don’t have that knowledge then one must fill the void with something pleasurable; perhaps that makes me something of a hedonist, but one who tries to fight an utter fall into that pleasure pit else I will not go to work the next day

Vic: I have compared the LIBOR manipulation with the sport of American Football. Imagine, I tell others, at the end of a season, a field goal is worth only 2 points rather than 3. Suddenly, every game outcome comes into question as well as each coaching decision made over the course of a game. This especially affects those that gamble on the games, or in LIBOR terms, Wall Street speculators. And now that we realize everything is rigged, civil lawsuits will bankrupt the entire sport. Would you say that is a fair layman’s assessment?

GHM: Very nice indeed, though it wouldn’t matter in games where the (Indianapolis) Colts are road dogs

Vic: Is it possible to have a good old fashioned grand conspiracy in this global capitalist world? It seems as though the multi-national corporate web of contrasting special interests supersedes any meddling of secular empires and/or clandestine conspirators, resulting in an innumerable micro-conspiracies with so many variable forces the result cannot be forecasted and is very near chaos.

GHM: anything is possible (your question is not open-ended enough…)

Neverman and Gausthausmeister infiltrate the confines of the Establishment

Vic: Okay, if you were the head of a Bavarian Illuminati-ish banking behemoth, how might you use your remaining fiscal influence to take advantage of the European economic chaos to ensure your continued established power?

GHM: Kraut banking behemoths are based in Frankfurt rather than Munich, that point notwithstanding I would seek Anschluss with Austria thus creating a ‘greater Germany’ (grosse Deutschland) that would break free of the euro and dominate the continent with a resurgent Mark.

Vic: If you were the head of a Frankfurter Illuminati-ish banking behemoth, would you attempt to undermine China’s economic weight or ally your organization with them?

GHM: We dominate and would use Jäger to destroy the Triads
(“Jäger” is German for ‘hunter’ and in the 19th Century/early 20th became a standing term for crack rifle companies akin to America’s own Army Rangers. “Triads” is a reference to the Chinese Mafia)

Vic: Bringing Wall Street and Fleet Street bankers to justice seems impossible with a legal system where the money of the Establishment can outspend the Department of Justice with enough legal counsel to bog down the system. Is peasant revolt the only chance of bringing them to justice?

GHM: Yes, but you watch too much of The Newsroom on HBO

Vic: I watch for Olivia Munn, anything else is bonus. IF government had some ability to interfere, would regulation of the markets improve the situation or just toss us further into chaos?

Olivia Munn of HBO’s media fantasy Newsroom

GHM: Improve short term, but long term the bad guys always find ways around any system

Vic: do we need to rebuild the current banking system from scratch?

GHM: No, that would undermine public trust which everything is based on which would heighten the possibility of revolution

Vic: what short of Mayan Apocalypse would be needed to allow us to revolutionize the banking system?

GHM: Well nothing if you mean utter annihilation!! Who/what would replace it? Problem with revolutions is that for the most part the revolutionaries become over time more radical (or replaced by opponents who themselves went more radical to challenge them)

Vic: HSBC has been found to have been involved in laundering money for the Russian mafia, terrorists and drug dealers. You’ve already gone on the record saying a good vetting system is paramount, that terrorists make bad business partners, but that more civil drug dealers would be acceptable. How would you handle the Russian mob? Would you handle like the Triads (as you previously mentioned)?

GHM: Russians can be tolerated on 2 conditions: one, they must provide oil at below market barrel prices and two, they must throw in large amounts of premium vodka. Drug dealers from Azerbaijan can be the go-between on these deals.

Vic: Back to China and the Triads – how involved do you think the Triads are in domestic politics in China?

GHM: Triads actually have more power in China than the mafia ever did here; the government knows they can’t break them and in fact knows that turning the other cheek benefits their own pockets as well as the bottom line overall, so a necessary evil

Vic: Wunderbar. Would you consider the Russian government a mafia state?

GHM: A pseudo-mafia state where oil now lines everyone’s pockets while those in power crudely ignore the people

The economic system, as GHM mentions, is based on faith. The wild manipulation of the market, the greed of those in power, the corruption of those that govern and the cross-pollination of mafia enterprise have put us on a sinking ship of fools. The sails are torn, the anchor is lost and the stars we navigate by are rendered invisible by a diabolically bright fucking sun. All we can do is hope to float a little while longer on the wood our craft is made of. Should a storm come along… say, world war three with the Soviets over Syria. Well, we won’t have anything but driftwood to hold onto.


It befalls to me, Vic Neverman, or someone like me, perhaps less-bearded, but someone who is an apt student of the occult with a keen eye on current events to explain the ironic difference between two unrelated groups with the same optimistic name. Please allow me, dear trusted reader, to explain to you both the Golden Dawn and the Golden Dawn. Neither of these groups include amongst their ranks Goldie Hawn, but I have not fact-checked this. If you came to this blog in search of Goldie Hawn news, I plead you to please look elsewhere.

Golden Dawn Party Leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos and his Goon Squad at a Press Conference

First, allow me to explain the current Golden Dawn. Europe is in what we economists call a “fucking shit storm”. Everywhere established powers are shower-stall shanked by former fringe elements benefiting from the financial chaos. In France, Sarkozy was just beat out by a socialist in the Presidential election. In Greece, the two dominant parties of the last few decades were upstaged by a pair of new comers – extremist parties on either side. On the left, the Syriza Party has won enough votes to be a legitimate contender in Greek policy. On the extreme right, a fascist party has also emerged to claim parliamentary power in Greece. The fascist nationalist party is the Golden Dawn: neo-Nazis who surround their xenophobic politicians with juiced meatheads to protect their candidate, exude a physical superiority and rough up their enemies. There have been many reports of Greek police stepping aside as these thugs routinely beat immigrants and burn the flags of the United States and Israel.

Aleister Crowley in 1923. Certainly a Scoundrel…

The Greek neo-Nazis should not be confused with the Victorian era “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”, a group of wealthy and eccentric Brits who practiced magic and occultism. This earlier Golden Dawn was founded in the late 19th century by members who were both Freemasons and Rosicrucian. They adapted their secret society rituals and added new occult practices given to them through mysterious cipher manuscripts and from their “Secret Chief” spirit realm chauffeurs. Unlike their masonic brethren, the Gold Dawn was an order that gladly accepted women in a move that was either proto-feminist or merely just scoundrel.

Victorian England was not short of scoundrel and the Golden Dawn claimed many acclaimed members such as Bram Stoker, W.B. Yeats and Aleister Crowley. This latter character was also known as the wickedest man in the world. Aleister Crowley was a poet, a philanderer, a dark sorcerer and a raging douchebag. According to Lambshank Family lore*, over the course of one weekend at the Lambshank Manor in the Lake District, Aleister Crowley deflowered a milk maid, made a cow drop dead by staring at it, defecated on Tudor era carpets, all while his wife drank the cellar dry. Patriarch and fellow Golden Dawn initiate Horace H Lambshank would later go bankrupt and dishonored in a set of coincidences he always blamed on a Crowley curse. Such unfortunate circumstance drove Horace Lambshank to seek out new opportunity in Chicago. If there was any justice, it was that Aleister Crowley was never truly welcomed back into Golden Dawn circles.

Portrait of Horace H Lambshank, Great-Great-Grandfather to Vic Neverman

*In full disclosure, I should admit my paternal grandmother was born Olivia Lambshank. She used to scare me with stories of a boogie-man named “Crowley” who was watching from just outside my window. She forced my father to throw away his “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” record because the Beatles album cover art featured a picture of the wicked man. Even on her deathbed, she cursed Aleister because of the stories passed down from her great-grandfather, Horace.

Aleister Crowley – DO NOT LOOK HIM IN THE EYE!

In conclusion, what links can we find between the Victorian warlocks and the contemporary neo-Nazis? Perhaps a mutual fondness for urinary fetishism? Maybe. The Victorian Golden Dawn was a “Hermetic Order” and Hermes was Greek, wasn’t he? Perhaps. The 3rd Reich was intrigued with the occult and once gave an award to a Yeats poem, but these are weak circumstantial connections, especially since the Greek Golden Dawn hasn’t outright embraced the National Socialism of Hitler (though they do have a very Swastika-esque symbol on their flag). The Greeks – and much of the global economy – might be cursed, but I do not foresee any black magic coming out of their neo-Nazi politicians. Theirs is a Golden Dawn of fascist isolationism and xenophobic in-breeding, not a gnostic movement of occult magic and gnostic theology. Though I wouldn’t put it past Aleister to be a sister/cousin-fucker too.

Dawn of a New Era of Douchebaggery in Greece?

UPDATE October, 2013:
The Golden Dawn is under increased scrutiny following their alleged involvement in the murder of a Greek musician.
Read here for a new blog detailing a curious even during world war II when the occultist Golden Dawn may have attempted to find peace between England and the Nazis.

“Off with the Hood!” reads the editorial headline by Marco Travaglio, an Italian reporter with a reputation for uncovering government corruption. For years, Travaglio has been haunting (now former) Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with his investigations and now that Silvio has gone back to singing love ballads, Travaglio has set his sights on the Technocratic leaders who filled the void in the wake of Silvio’s resignation. And what are Travaglio’s allegations? What is the “hood” covering? That Mario Monti and the new Italian government is full of Freemasons.

Political Cartoon featuring Mario Monti, the Freemason. Photo courtesy of Libero News

Masonic conspiracy theories have been popular for centuries. In the United States, they are embraced with a bored shrug. Sure George Washington and Ben Franklin were Freemasons, so what? Our capital city was designed with Masonic symbolism in mind, very nice… But in Italy, where the power of the Roman Catholic Church weighs so heavily (right behind the power of mafioso), the Freemasons are seen as godless boogiemen plotting to take over the world.

So who are these mysterious characters that have taken charge in Rome? While Mario Monti and his league of economists may or may not have a Masonic agenda, they do have some fairly dubious qualifications. Monti was an international advisor to Goldman Sachs, which begs the question, why would he be selected to bring Italy out of its financial crisis? On a more conspiratorial note, Monti has also participated as a member of the Bilderberg Group and the Tri-Lateral Commission, two notorious New World Order boys clubs.

While Italy needed to oust the corrupt Silvio Berlusconi, who has been tried several times for financial crimes and is currently going to trial over his “Bunga Bunga” parties where prostitutes dressed as nuns and police women (George Clooney is actually testifying in this case), the media is now asking whether or not the replacement Prime Minister might be even worse. “Matrix”, the flagship program for Channel 5, claims the entire Italian crisis is a banker’s plot to buy up public land and properties while the newspaper Il Giornale says the crisis is an evil scheme to unite Europe. While both Channel 5 and Il Giornale are owned by a somewhat biased Silvio Berlusconi, Marco Travaglio’s anti-Berlusconi paper is also claiming an elitist coup d’etat is responsible for the technocrats in power.

Anti-Berlusconi graffiti found by Vic in early 2011

Italy’s financially doomed neighbor Greece has also ousted their government and replaced it with similar “technocrats”. So what is this technocratic movement? Is it some sort of New World Order plot? Radical right conspiracy theorists will note the Soviet politburo was a technocratic system, where engineers and economists were placed into positions of power and decision. Technocracy is creeping into politics even here in the United States, where both the left and right are growing tired of the career politicians and are looking elsewhere for leadership. The Koch Brothers funded the Tea Party and Herman Cain campaigns with the idea limiting government’s role and letting businessmen make policy decisions. Of course, if the Koch Revolution is a part of the Technocracy Movement, the future does not look bright as the Tea Party presidential candidates are floundering and Cain is out of the race entirely. On a French parallel, earlier this year macro-economist Dominique Straus-Kahn was in line to run for election in Paris as a technocratic candidate before he became entangled in sexual allegations. If DSK and Herman Cain were a part of the New World Order’s plan to technocratize the world, it seems their libidos and the 4th Estate are doing a good job keeping this conspiracy in check.

Without a doubt, the financial crisis in Europe has everyone in panic mode. The EU has never been less popular and the reach towards technocracy seems to be an act of desperation more than a Freemason/NWO plot. In a game where everyone seems to lose, how can there be a benefactor?

Of course, that may be exactly what Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati want us to think…

Neverman doing some serious economic research in Italy

It’s that time of year again. The Bilderberg Group is having their unofficial, invitation-only, meeting in Switzerland. Every year since 1954 when the first secret meeting was held at Hotel de Bilderberg in Holland, a group of some 140 power brokers from North America and Europe have met to discuss policy over cocktails. The nature of this group, designed to be off-the-record from the press, has ignited conspiracy theories throughout the decades by those who were not invited. Fidel Castro claimed the group was a right-wing conspiracy designed to create a one world capitalist empire. The John Birch Society claimed the group was a left-wing conspiracy designed to create a one world socialist empire. There are plenty in between with much more to say, like David Icke, the Brit who claims the world is ruled by 7-foot lizard people who put on their GW Bush and Kris Kristofferson skins when coming up out of their subterranean lairs (

We know who the Bilderberg Group is (they do release the invitees to the press), world shapers like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, but what does this group represent?

As Vic Neverman, I tread in the dark waters of the conspiracy soup and can tell you what the theorists are predicting to go down this week in Switzerland:
– The Bilderbergers will discuss how to further military involvement in North Africa
– They will discuss ways to continue to drive the price of gas up
– They will nominate Rick Perry as the GOP Presidential Candidate to hedge their bets in case their other horse, Barrack Obama, should not be re-elected.

This all makes sense to the conspiracy minded – military engagement, Arabic unrest, rising fuel costs – these have been the norm for the last decade, it would make sense the global elite are driving it. As far as the GOP nomination, word is that Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 (Obama and Hillary both reportedly attended in 2008). If you consider the strange republican dance that has taken place, where clowns have been led to the slaughter one after the other – Palin, Trump, Gringrich, Palin again – it would make sense if the Powers That Be are throwing up a smoke-screen before the Chosen One emerges from the flames. Why not Rick Perry? He is a Tea Party Texan Secessionist, or so he admits, but he is also a Karl Rove disciple who was Lt Governor to GWBush. If anyone represents the Establishment (despite his green roots campaigning), it is going to be Rick Perry.

You heard it here first (or at least second, third or fourth) – Vic Neverman predicts Rick Perry to be the Republican nominee for 2012.

These are my predictions based on the Political Establishment in America, but what about the Bilderberg Group? Are they masterminding the whole thing? If you look at the list of invitees, you’ll find representatives of the biggest banks in the world (Chase, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Citi Group), international corporations (Royal Dutch Shell, Fiat), and one of America’s chief spies, Keith Alexander, the Director of the NSA. What doesn’t reek of global banking/military conspiracy?

Keep reading… The list includes some nouveau riche uber-dorks, like executives from Google, MicroSoft, Amazon, Facebook and Linked-In. Goodness me, could this be… Facebook, the tool of the Arab Spring, is now a part of the military industrial complex?

Can we honestly believe that Shell, Citi, and Linked-In are making global policy decisions that will effect each and everyone of us? Of course not. In order for there to exist a global elite, you cannot have a swinging door of attendees at the club house. A true secret society would not invite the most popular kids in school to their party, as is the case with Bilderberg. Sure, the discussions here may be off the record, but secrets do not imply power. What if Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and Bilderberg invitee, decides he doesn’t want to do what the Lizard People tell him to do? It just is not plausible for a massive globalist conspiracy to come out of this group.

While I, Vic Neverman, believe the Bilderberg Group to be more harmless than sinister, this does not mean there does not exist a powerful oligarchy making the rules behind the scenes, members of which may be attending this conference. I just don’t believe you can assume each of the 140 attendees of the Bilderberg Group (a list of people that is in flux year to year) is hiding their sworn allegiance to a globalist agenda.

See the list of reported attendees below