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It is that time of year again (again*): the paranoia is ripe and ready for the fear-monger’s harvest. Go ahead and reap away, the bountiful cyber-goddess tells her conspiracy theorist followers as they suckle at her teat, having already sacrificed any semblance of a non-virtual social life at her binary alter. The circus is in town, you see! Rubes on that side, carnies on the other. The Bilderberg Group has met again, back in Chantilly, Virginia. As another summer arrives, another Bilderberg Meeting adjourns, sending umpteen thousand bloggers to their keyboards as they try to set the speculative historical record of what might perhaps could have probably maybe gone on when dozens of the worlds elite met in privacy of a pimped-out Marriot.

*2011’s Bilderberg blog began with same passe opening.

As usual, present at the conference was your garden variety of tech tycoons, media moguls, absolute obsolete monarchs, banking execs and robber barons. New to the scene, were the Tea Party and Occupy protestors gathered outside, who were strangely united against the globalist agenda, or what they deemed was a globalist agendizing sect of the powerful who met here, hobnobbed amongst each other, imbibed their elitist elixir & tonic, buggered goats and brokered first borns. Feeding the frenzy of protest outside the Marriot was the water chumming by alternative media types who all seem to be sponsored by Apocalyptic commercials urging the purchase of gold and food reserves. I know, because I am the last conspiracy theorist to not sell-out to the gold and freeze-dried good peddlers (though every man, even the Neverman, has his price… wink, wink, nudge, nudge gold peddlers).

Poutin’ Putin wasn’t invited to Bilderberg, “I wouldn’t have come anyway. I have better things to do.”

Not invited to the Bilderberg brouhaha was Vlad “the Paler” Putin, who after another game of Kremlin musical chairs is once again Soviet Premier Russian President. Russia, however, was not without global elitist representation. Some of Putin’s leastest friends were present, including Garry Kasparov, one of the greatest chess players not made by IBM in the world. Kasparov was formerly a contender to Putin’s throne, but bailed out of the race when he began to fear for his life. Another anti-Putocrat Russian was Anatoly Chubais, who is also the corporate head of Rusnano, a nanotechnology company.

That’s right, nanotechnology. Who else is a big backer of nano-tech? Mikhail Prokhorov, the 3rd wealthiest man in Russia who is running against Putin for the Presidency (a move, I have suggested, is meant to impress Dwight Howard enough to relocate to Brooklyn where Prokhorov and Jay-Z have moved the NJ Nets). What is the deal with nanotechnology and these Russian globalists? I don’t know, but it scares the living shit out of me. Nano-tech is, of course, the future of immortality. I guarantee right now in some Russian-owned third-world lab, nano-tech robots are inside some corpse, slowly rebuilding the fibers of its DNA until Frankenstein wakes. Sounds dreamy, but where the real nightmare with nano-tech will be is trying to turn it off. Imagine a thousand ants working together to build ten thousand ants who work together to build one million ants – when does it stop? If the nano-bots decide to keep rolling, they would soon overcome the earth, the galaxy, the universe. Gray Goo, they call it: the threat of nano-bots consuming ALL.

Prokhorov and Jay Z planning on overthrowing Russia in what looks like my sister’s basement

Bilderberg didn’t have the anti-Putocrats on-hand to talk Nano-tech, though. In fact, Prokhorov and Jay Z were apparently “no shows” (doesn’t mean their influence wasn’t present). Bilderberg had the Russians present because they are scheming to overthrow Putin. Just look at the last few days after the meetings in Chantilly. The “Russia Day” (holiday of liberation from Soviet rule) protests brought thousands out on June 12th to demonstrate against the “former” KGB thug, Vladimir Putin. Oil prices have dropped dramatically, which inversely affects the Russian economy, fueling economic unrest in Moscow. And Hillary Clinton (who, mind you! attended the 2008 Bilderberg meeting, also in Chantilly) publicly condemned Putin’s favorite Russian arms dealer for selling attack helicopters to Syria to assist in the tyranny there (SIDE NOTE: the arms dealer, Rosoboronexport doesn’t just sell to the Syrians, they also sell to Afghanistan who purchases the helicopters with American dollars meant to stabilize the country, so yes, there is a double-standard at play here). All-in-all, it was a pretty shitty week for Vlad “the Paler” Putin and this is assuming there are not nano-bots at work this very minute slowly nom-nom-noming at his spine slowly turning him into an invertebrate.

A Japanese Illustration of Nanotechnology at Work

According to (gold peddler sponsored) conspiracy “bulldog”, Alex Jones, the Bilderberg does not only have their sights on Russia, but overthrowing the Rus-friendly Syrians by employing the mercenaries they (“They”, i.e. Bilderberg) have payrolled since the early ‘80s, Al Qaeda. An interesting thought… but speculative.

I decided if we were all being speculative, I would come up with my own ideas of what was being discussed. I checked out the evil mastermind’s official website, but it was a bit of a bore… No maps of global domination or anything.

Since we are a democratic country, I decided to listen to a duckload of conspiracy theory radio and summarize the most popular theories and paraphrase them below as if the actual conversations took place in Chantilly…

– Modern eugenicists are making headway on the population issue by developing super sugars that, when employed, strangle sperm like a calamari on rice shashimi plate, thereby creating global infertility.
– There is going to be a refocus on public education to grade students on their ability to complete inane and nonsensical tasks, which would prepare them for no future whatsoever and thus bring the Middle Class crashing into the doldrums of ignorance and disallowing the poor a path out of their poverty.
– What efficient mobilization tactics can we develop to best bring the UN Forces into the United States at the bequest of FEMA in order to institute “marshal law” against Americans, disarming them in the process?

Is the Bilderberg Group the evil old bastards they are made out to be by alternative media? I think back to Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack comments, “three may keep a secret, but only if two of them are dead.” The chances that the numerous Bilderberg attendees could be developing a global policy and succeed in keeping it secret goes against everything I know about human nature. The world is ruled by something much more ominous than old men with an smell for gold.

As for Russia and the fate of Vlad Putin? We shall wait and see. If his fall is imminent, perhaps the old bastards who gathered in Chantilly did have something to do with it.

See 2011’s blog, “Bilderberg: Evil Masterminds or Elitist Boys Club?”


Any self-respecting conspiracy theorist will make forecasts for an upcoming year. It takes a theorist with some serious cunning to be accurate and some serious balls to take it public. Should ‘cunning’ be at a lack, it takes a theorist with a high threshold for pain to actually go on and later review the predictions of the year that was/was not.

Welcome to the Vic Neverman 2011-in-Review Predictions Blog!

While I didn’t formally ‘publish’ any predictions around this time last year, the following list would have been the predictions I would have published if I were not so damned busy crossing river streams to keep the scent of the hounds off my ass, or, for that matter, the scent of my ass off of the hounds.

Now you, dear reader, may say “Hey… Vic, how do I know you were actually predicting the below predictions and are not just making these up?” In which case I would respond, “If I were making these up, wouldn’t I have a greater success rate?” Besides, you don’t doubt me when I paraphrase my father’s high school diary…

“Dear Diary… or future son that I will likely name Victor Ulysses after his grandmother and who may find this diary, and then lose it, and then have to guess at what it’s original contents might be… I read that Jack Kennedy is planning to print off money outside of the Federal Reserve. Jeez, the last time a president printed interest-free cash, it was a curtain call for Mr. Lincoln. I don’t see this ending well.”

So in Neverman tradition, here were my 2011 predictions:

1 – Despite whatever Harold Camping says, the world will not end May 21st, 2011. (I nailed this one, though I do recognize the possibility Jesus could have raptured his chosen and left diabolical dopplegangers in their place – VN)

2 – The Bilderberg Group will pick a GOP candidate from amongst the guests at their annual brouhaha to oppose Obama, and thus, hedge their bets that they will still be the puppet-masters of the world. The BG party guest that will run as Republican nominee is Rick Perry. (Fail… but it was looking good for a while – VN)

3 – The NeverBrother-in-Law, a government-contracted spook, will attempt to frame me, Vic Neverman, in some sort of white collar criminal act, but at least I will go to a nice prison with good gruel. (He’s probably waiting until after the holidays – VN)

4 – China will use their weather manipulation device to send multiple hurricanes to the American Southeast and bankrupt the insurance industry. (Another miss… unless we counter-attacked with our own weather manipulation device)

5 – Obama’s birth certificate will be proven genuine, but we will learn Madonna is not actually English. (Only half-right, but what a relief to learn Madonna is really English)

6 – Osama bin Laden will be found in a New Jersey apartment, but only as a creepy automaton for the sake of producing al Qaeda videos. The real Osama, we will learn, is locked in the bathroom on the International Space Station and no one can talk him out. (Miss, but the bin Laden robot might still be in Jersey City, lying about like a rejected prop piece from Disney’s ‘Small World After All’ ride)

7 – Due to gas prices, the American populace will turn to light rail and riding segue ways to work. (Miss)

8 – Tom Cruise will claim to do his own stunt work, but it will only prove to be one of his expendable clones. (Not enough information, but I am hoping for revelations to come out of ‘The Making of Mission Impossible 4: The Mission Is Impossible Again’ which is bound to be on HBO any day now)

9 – Obama will invade Iran to further his dream of a Persian Autobahn from Baghdad to Kabul. (Invasion on hold)

10 – The Tea Party will split from the GOP Establishment and create a third party, which all of the Republicans will eventually join and elect old GOP Establishment types to be candidates. (I have no idea what actually happened, but these are the best Republican debates ever)

11 – Space Tourism will suffer a setback when the first astro-tourists return disappointed, claiming space is just filled with space. We, however, will all know that they saw far more than just the void and that whatever it is they did see does not want them saying anything more. (No space tourists, but this sounds like a good prediction for 2013!)

12 – Arab States will be so impressed by the European economic recovery, they will decide to adopt their own multi-national currency called the Arabi. The colorful notes will feature several of their inspiring leaders like Qaddafi and Mubarak, as well as have a blank spot on the one-thousand Arabi note referencing Mohammed’s forbidden image. (Big miss)

“Off with the Hood!” reads the editorial headline by Marco Travaglio, an Italian reporter with a reputation for uncovering government corruption. For years, Travaglio has been haunting (now former) Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with his investigations and now that Silvio has gone back to singing love ballads, Travaglio has set his sights on the Technocratic leaders who filled the void in the wake of Silvio’s resignation. And what are Travaglio’s allegations? What is the “hood” covering? That Mario Monti and the new Italian government is full of Freemasons.

Political Cartoon featuring Mario Monti, the Freemason. Photo courtesy of Libero News

Masonic conspiracy theories have been popular for centuries. In the United States, they are embraced with a bored shrug. Sure George Washington and Ben Franklin were Freemasons, so what? Our capital city was designed with Masonic symbolism in mind, very nice… But in Italy, where the power of the Roman Catholic Church weighs so heavily (right behind the power of mafioso), the Freemasons are seen as godless boogiemen plotting to take over the world.

So who are these mysterious characters that have taken charge in Rome? While Mario Monti and his league of economists may or may not have a Masonic agenda, they do have some fairly dubious qualifications. Monti was an international advisor to Goldman Sachs, which begs the question, why would he be selected to bring Italy out of its financial crisis? On a more conspiratorial note, Monti has also participated as a member of the Bilderberg Group and the Tri-Lateral Commission, two notorious New World Order boys clubs.

While Italy needed to oust the corrupt Silvio Berlusconi, who has been tried several times for financial crimes and is currently going to trial over his “Bunga Bunga” parties where prostitutes dressed as nuns and police women (George Clooney is actually testifying in this case), the media is now asking whether or not the replacement Prime Minister might be even worse. “Matrix”, the flagship program for Channel 5, claims the entire Italian crisis is a banker’s plot to buy up public land and properties while the newspaper Il Giornale says the crisis is an evil scheme to unite Europe. While both Channel 5 and Il Giornale are owned by a somewhat biased Silvio Berlusconi, Marco Travaglio’s anti-Berlusconi paper is also claiming an elitist coup d’etat is responsible for the technocrats in power.

Anti-Berlusconi graffiti found by Vic in early 2011

Italy’s financially doomed neighbor Greece has also ousted their government and replaced it with similar “technocrats”. So what is this technocratic movement? Is it some sort of New World Order plot? Radical right conspiracy theorists will note the Soviet politburo was a technocratic system, where engineers and economists were placed into positions of power and decision. Technocracy is creeping into politics even here in the United States, where both the left and right are growing tired of the career politicians and are looking elsewhere for leadership. The Koch Brothers funded the Tea Party and Herman Cain campaigns with the idea limiting government’s role and letting businessmen make policy decisions. Of course, if the Koch Revolution is a part of the Technocracy Movement, the future does not look bright as the Tea Party presidential candidates are floundering and Cain is out of the race entirely. On a French parallel, earlier this year macro-economist Dominique Straus-Kahn was in line to run for election in Paris as a technocratic candidate before he became entangled in sexual allegations. If DSK and Herman Cain were a part of the New World Order’s plan to technocratize the world, it seems their libidos and the 4th Estate are doing a good job keeping this conspiracy in check.

Without a doubt, the financial crisis in Europe has everyone in panic mode. The EU has never been less popular and the reach towards technocracy seems to be an act of desperation more than a Freemason/NWO plot. In a game where everyone seems to lose, how can there be a benefactor?

Of course, that may be exactly what Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati want us to think…

Neverman doing some serious economic research in Italy

Saturday Morning, 11/5/11

The foliage at ‘Freedom Park’ is sparse, but bearing enough bushiness to allow me, Vic Neverman, to lurk nearly undetected by the collective mass of protestor. Should I be discovered and interrogated, my cover story was that of wayward coleopterist, searching for the elusive Cicindela sexgutta (a Latin term for the six-spotted tiger beetle). No surprise, the majority of my preparation for this cover was practice saying ‘Cicindela sexgutta‘. The true target of my observations, though, was the Occupation movement that had gathered in this grassy corner of Orlando to protest corporate greed.

Gaustmeister, the co-author of my work-in-process 6,000 page tome on the Fourth Crusade, mentioned (49% mockingly/51% deathly serious) the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror grew out of a similar casual dissatisfaction as what is evidenced by Occupy Wall Street and its spawned geographical varieties. It is with this historical perspective I carried a worst case scenario on this venture. Upon arrival, my attention – and my imagination – was immediately swept up by one of the charismatic leaders of the movement. Fear not: Vic was not swayed emotionally or politically to join the ranks, but rather I became fawningly spellbound by the harmonic voice of this dreadlocked woman behind the Guy Fawkes mask as she yelled out for a ‘Mic Check’. No, I wasn’t about to take up her cause, but I did allow myself to be enchanted by the beauty of her delivered fiery diatribe about the movement not being a fight between good and evil, but rather a fight for fair representation in government. Meanwhile, a counter-protestor held a sign up to inform the crowd that the Tea Party was going to “kick your ass”. Bucky Swoon would have been proud…

One of the next speakers, who followed this Lady Fawkes, had perhaps the worst idea I have ever heard at a political rally. This fantastic fool rambled about how the ‘natives’ owned land before ‘Manifest Destiny’ (which is untrue, ownership of property wasn’t even a concept of Native Americans) and how this land was now under the control of the Mexican drug cartels. This fantastic fool called out the underrepresented ‘natives’ to stand up, leave their reservation and their bingo parlors and take back their land from the cartels. It is idiocy like this, from someone who seemed to be associated with the Occupy Orlando leadership, that is going to continue to undermine the approachability of this cause for the greater public. Which is exactly how I knew she was a plant – an agent provocateur assigned to discredit the movement. Even her Guy Fawkes mustache seemed crooked.

Despite my agitation over the fool and my desire to speak to Lady Fawkes – if only to say the words “Cicindela sexgutta” – I had to remain the impartial observer. It became time for the march to downtown Orlando to begin. I removed myself to a tavern for refreshment and to consult my notes.

Occupy Everything Conspiracies

The first call to protest and the occupation of Wall Street can be traced back to the Canadian anti-materialism magazine, AdBusters. This magazine is supported, in part, by the Tides Foundation, which is donated to by the liberal billionaire George Soros, who happens to admit his sympathy to the protestors. See the article below for the allegation Soros is funding OWS.

The fact that a liberal billionaire might have some connection to the Occupation Movement, in itself, means nothing. The fact that it is George Soros means everything – at least to the radical right’s conspiracy theorists. George Soros is the poster boy for conservative fear-mongers, like Glenn Beck who has led the recent charge in anti-Sorosism, claiming George is a “Nazi” collaborating “puppet-master” behind the “New World Order”. Lyndon LaRouche has gone as far to claim George Soros is a global drug kingpin.

Since many call the Occupation Movement the liberal counterpart to the Tea Party, let us for the sake of argument, call Soros the liberal counterpart to the Tea Party funding fraternity, the Koch Brothers. While Soros might have some extreme conspiracy theories out there regarding him, the Koch Brothers have been exposed of having illegal dealings with Iran. I will take Soros over Koch any day of the week. See the Bloomberg expose on the Kochs below…

Another great conspiracy theory involving the Occupation movement involves a figure right here in Orlando: Shayan Elahi, the legal counsel for Occupy Orlando. In a rant by a United West investigator, Shayan Elahi is claimed to be the leader behind Central Florida’s leaderless “occupation”. The column in the link below mentions Elahi is a member of the Council on American Islamic Relations and then makes a radical jump to insist the CAIR is Hamas and Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood and thus the organization that stepped into the power vacuum created by the Arab Spring is indeed running the show in Orlando.

While the author of the United West column is an adept at fear mongering, I still find the Islamic connection to the local movement curious. The anarchists, atheists, and hippies I have seen at these rallies are the furthest thing from Jihadists, but the pawns of any good conspiracy would not be the usual suspects. This is certainly one potential plot worth monitoring.

In summation, the most-prevalent conspiracy theories behind the Occupation Movement are reaches for some very biased “journalism” as a means to discredit the protests. While I am not ready to become an advocate for the Occupy Everything, the true motive has yet to be realized by the participants and those that oppose them.

Return to Freedom Park

The true motive behind Occupy Everything seems as elusive as that damned six-spotted tiger beetle. The best speech I heard at ‘Freedom Park’ was by an older gentleman (who admitted to being convicted of a felony via illegal drug possession, and thus being a vote-less citizen) who emphasized the need for all to become informed citizens, to participate in politics at the local level, to invest locally. The overall concept of “if everyone takes care of their own backyard, we will have a nicer neighborhood” is a positive sentiment to take forward, though perhaps a bit too subtle and longterm for those hungry activists in the park who are still split on many issues.

One issue was brought up last week in a general assembly: should Occupy Orlando officially endorse the “Free Bradley Manning” campaign. In an example of sound group judgment, this proposal was shot down. While the Occupation (and Vic Neverman) is a proponent of transparency, and by extension WikiLeaks, the ends do not justify the means and the criminal activity of Bradley Manning (stealing diplomatic cables and sending them to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks to be published, which in part incited the Arab Spring) should be met by fair* punishment. Manning could be considered a hero, but he should not be pardoned for his treason.

*Many have claimed Manning’s interrogations have been excessive and the UN has not been allowed to meet with Manning to discuss his treatment and these allegations.

Saturday afternoon, I returned to Freedom Park post-march (post my pints of beer) to attend a general assembly. The first thirty minutes were an explanation of the rules of the assembly, how to make proposals, how to agree or disagree, etc. The soothing voice of Lady Fawkes adequately described the process as work and not a lot of fun. It was no surprise that the bandana-masked anarchists had not stuck around for this bureaucratic process. In the extra hour I spent pretending to comb the grass for insects, nothing of importance made its way up the hierarchy to be discussed by the crowd at large.

A cool breeze picked up in intensity and since I wasn’t planning on camping out overnight, I decided to make my escape. I had never said “hello” upon arrival and I didn’t bother saying “goodbye” as I left the park. I, Vic Neverman, do have one final message for the dreadlocked beauty behind the Guy Fawkes mask:

Cicindela sexgutta, baby. Cicindela sexgutta

Perhaps Camping was right and the world did begin to end on May 21st, 2011. It is also possible I have expired and the AfterThis is just a hellish chaos. I was certainly contemplating my own mortality a week ago as I thrashed in the waters of a long dead ship whose ghostly currents pushed me towards a skewered demise against a rusted stake of the ship’s skeleton. I, Vic Neverman, do believe I survived. I believe the Commodore did arrive none-too-early, allowing me to pull myself over the port side of our vessel away from the circling fins beneath my toes. Disaster would be averted for me, but I would eventually return to civilization to find the world at large in complete disrepair.

A lot has transpired while I was away on my tropical expedition. Allow me, dear reader, this chance to catch-up on the absurdity of this long, cruel, summer of fear.

ASSF Men: Vic Neverman, the Commodore, Cuda

Vic and the Aquanauts
I can’t tell you much about ASSF.
I can tell you we are the Aquanautical Society of South Florida.
I can’t tell you what that means.
I can tell you I am one of the founders of ASSF, along with old time brothers-at-arms Cuda and the Commodore.
I can’t tell you what we were hunting in the keys west of Key West.
I can tell you we were there.

The Debt Ceiling/Credit Rating Cluster Fuck

God may not be dead, but surely the Illuminati is. Where are the global masterminds now? There are no more politics in Washington, merely a sorority house rivalry where two gangs of fanatical bitches scream and claw out each others’ eyes. How can there be a middle-of-the-road when the left and the right are not even on the same highway? The American Government has failed. No one has succeeded in this mess. Where can we possibly go from here?

I proposed a “Moderate Revolution” to the great antagonist, Gaustmeister. Why not have a moderately violent overthrow of this ruined system where we mildly suggest compromise with the mediocre threat of a potentially loaded gun to the figurative temple of each of the political parties? Certainly a moderately authoritarian regime in place of the current defunct machine would be more optimal… Of course, Gaustmeister noted a revolution of moderation is in itself a failed concept. One cannot moderately revolt.

Even moderation-by-force wouldn’t get this country out of its current economic troubles. If you find a hypothetical middle ground between the left and the right, there is no place for Keynesian economic theory, which would dictate now is the time to build the infrastructure, putting people to work on the roads, light rail, schools. Instead, Obama’s compromised policy dictates we spend all of our money destroying other countries with our remote control harpies instead of fixing our own mess. And we’ve given up on space, but this is a discussion for another time.

DB Cooper Mystery Nearly Solved?

Since my father, Old Man Neverman, has long been considered a possible candidate for the true identity of DB Cooper, many have asked Vic of my opinion on the new evidence hinted at by the FBI. Here’s the deal – the new lead released this last week is no more substantial than the last forty years of leads. Why is the FBI so public about this information when they have been mum in the past? Because this is the next generation of FBI and these kids are breaking protocol to immerse themselves into the legend. The agents that have tirelessly worked the DB Cooper case have long since retired. The case has a mythical quality and it is the new generation of FBI agents that deem themselves the inheritor of the sword in the stone. While we all seek the truth, the deeper “truth” is that DB Cooper’s identity should never be uncovered. Why spoil the romance of a true mystery?

5 Year Old Psychic Predicts Meteor Strike

One of my inside sources into the Dixie Mafia and southern-fried drug smuggling, Razor Callahan, recently provided me with a different sort of scoop. The sometimes lawyer/sometimes outlaw pilot, Razor, told me, “According to my mother-in-law’s psychic counselor, my 5 year old is some kind of oracle and has a gift. Yesterday, out of the blue, she starts telling us about a meteor that is going to hit the earth. She started placing cups of water strategically around the house. I am going to freak if some major fire breaks out.”

Westboro Baptist Church Blesses Norwegian Nut-Job

In a stunning display of where religion can go wrong, the Westboro crazies have said that Andres Breivik, who killed nearly a hundred people in Norway in his bomb attack and shootings last week, was on a mission from God. The Westboro Baptists are even considering a trip to Norway to protest the funerals in favor of Andres and I sincerely hope they do as they won’t find the same 1st Amendment protection in Oslo.

Meanwhile, Back at the Cyber Ranch… (Anonymous and LulzSec)

Westboro’s nemesis Anonymous, the cyber-activist vigilante group, is getting picked off left and right by international police forces. Anonymous, by hacking into Westboro’s website, was one of the few groups that could actually go after the church. The hacker known as “Topiary” is one who directly confronted Shirley Phelps-Roper, the Arch-Bitch of Westboro and it was Topiary who was recently arrested by British police in the Shetland Islands this last week.

The Face of Anonymous

So what went wrong? The members of Anonymous who have been taken down all seem to have taken part in the splinter group LulzSec. While Anonymous acts like the Robin Hood of the cyber-universe, defending Wiki-Leaks, assisting the Arab Spring by attacking Tunisian and Egyptian government sites, and going after the blow-hards at Westboro, LulzSec acts more as the nihilist Joker of Gotham City. It was LulzSec who recently broke into Sony and released credit card information for online gaming users. In the LulzSec manifesto, released to the press after the hacking, their intention is rather sinisterly clear:

“Yes, yes, there’s always the argument that releasing everything in full is just as evil, what with accounts being stolen or abused, but welcome to 2011. This is the lulz lizard era, where we do things just because we find it entertaining.”

So while Anonymous stood up to international bullies, the splinter group LulzSec decided to become a bully and I believe this angered the hacktivist community. International police agencies seemed to be unable to track down Anonymous until hackers started turning against each other by turning informer.

As has often proven to be the case, any action against Anonymous has resulted in a counter-action against authority. An unsuspecting email server in Mountain Home, Arkansas, was hacked this week, allowing Anonymous access to email accounts for Sheriff’s offices in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Mississippi. These emails, sometimes detailing corrupt practices, have since been released, becoming public knowledge.

Rick Perry’s Response

The Governor of Texas seems to be many things. A sometime secessionist and (at least formerly) member of Sons of Confederate Veterans. A helluva executioner, given his record with the death penalty. The Bilderberg’s choice for Republican nomination (see my blog on the most recent meeting of the world’s elite). And, of course, the Obi Wan Kenobi of the extreme Christian Right. Rick Perry, you are our only hope…

Let us hope God overlooks Perry’s capital punishments and answers the collective prayer of the Response – a non-demoninational rally that occurred yesterday in Houston, where 30,000 Christians prayed for economic and political assistance. Hopefully, all of the prayer will offset the economic Russian Roulette the uncompromising right (Tea Party or otherwise) forced us into with the Debt Ceiling battle.

Perhaps the Illuminati is not dead. Perhaps they realized the best way to bring together their one world government is to completely destabilize the western world. Are they really several chess moves ahead of us? Did they usher in Obama as a catalyst for a different sort of change, one that would undermine our country by trumping up racism and xenophobia? If they ushered in Hilary, would they similarly use misogyny to flame the hate and divide the nation?

Perhaps God is not paying attention and it is the Powers-That-Be-Behind-The-Scenes, the generically termed “Illuminati”, who are using fear mongering to sacrifice their pawn (the current president) as they bring in the next pawn (Texas Governor Rick Perry). What sort of world would this be? NPR says those behind the Response believe the Freedom of Religion only applies to Christians. Where is the liberty in that? Where is the liberty in not allowing gays to marry or forcing troubled pregnant women into back alleys?

Be careful, people. Be careful of which divine entity you ask to take over our country.

I have a strange pride, albeit accompanied with a sense of humility, at being the only victim of a manatee attack in recorded history. Yes, I, Vic Neverman, was once attacked by a manatee. In all my international misadventures – being physically tortured beneath the streets of Istanbul, almost losing my eye in Saigon, winning a ‘Fully Monty’ dance-off in Northampton – one of the most chilling memories was this attack by a manatee in what was literally my backyard in the bays north of the Everglades.

I say this to admit there is never any love lost between Vic Neverman and them daggone dugongs. In fact, should society collapse and there be a shortage of food, I will harvest manatees like sea cattle. Sure, I have swam with them half a hundred times and they seem harmless enough, but they are ugly, slimy, and what others won’t tell you – they will attack. Hippopotamuses look awful cuddly too, until they crush your skull in jaw.

If there is to be a defender of manatees, I would not be your logical choice. And yet here I stand, in defense of the mer-beasts against the citizenry of Florida. It seems the Citrus County Tea Party has found themselves someone their size to pick on, taking aim at the manatee ‘no wake’ zones as evidence the Fish & Wildlife Service is a part of a One World Order Government plot.

This is nonsense. Who better to seek out these tea partiers than my alter ego Bucky Swoon, the Florida secessionist and mechanical bull rider? And so, I devised a letter…

July 14, 2011
Edna Mattos
Citrus County Tea Party Patriots

Dear Miss Mattos,

May I call you Edna? I read the St Petersburg Times and have been sent your alarming emails by my many, many, many friends of the Tea Party. I gotta emit, you got my belly burning with fire and I ain’t had mofongo in days now. I think you’re like a Joan of the Ark, cause not since her has there been a lady voice like you talking about animals. I mean, when you said we’d all be living in Jurassic Park if them environment groups had their way with them dinosaurs, I cried a bit (wet my britches a little squirt too) cause I realized you got the voice I always wanted to be in my mouth. Much prettier in your mouth, tho, or so it looks me looking online and all.

By not letting us ride our jet skis as fast as we want through Kings Bay, your right, there elevating the rights of the sea cows over the rights of us people and that is exactly what are Founder Fathers fought for against the Queen of England about. This elevation of mammals over people is, like you say, against the Bill or Rights and against what is said in the Bible! I am glad there is as much angry people as I am. It ain’t right, ain’t right at all.

I done thought it were just something smelly (other than manatees!) that the Fedrule Government was doing, but then I heard what you said about the United Nations and there Agenda 21 being about making what is good for nature and what is not good for people and how they is wanting to get rid of us people because they like nature more. Idiots! But scary tho, right? These people are on all sides of the water and they want a one world government and it all starts with rules about slowing down my jet ski, My Jet Ski! Like I was driving down the road on it or something. Yes, it starts with jet skis and then they come taking away are jet skis and are guns, and then they is sticking needles into are kids, and then they is taking our guns and putting barcodes on are foreheads and putting us into prison camps without are guns.

So, I am with you, Edna, if I may call you Edna, that is. And I have captured a manatee, a real life sacred sea cow. I have it in my tub. Don’t worry, I am hosing it down to keep it wet so it don’t die cause we need to put the death on youtube I think in order for more people to see it and I got a hockey mask and a samurai sword I got at the pawn shop when I traded in my old four wheeler and I am going to do one of them terrorist videos to show them crazy one world government types what we think of there beloved manatees! That’ll soil them shorts. Ha!

So I extend this invite to you Edna to come on over, have a couple of beers, and watch me sleigh this stinky, slimy, beast.


Bucky Swoon (I am waiting for you to accept my facebook request)

It’s that time of year again. The Bilderberg Group is having their unofficial, invitation-only, meeting in Switzerland. Every year since 1954 when the first secret meeting was held at Hotel de Bilderberg in Holland, a group of some 140 power brokers from North America and Europe have met to discuss policy over cocktails. The nature of this group, designed to be off-the-record from the press, has ignited conspiracy theories throughout the decades by those who were not invited. Fidel Castro claimed the group was a right-wing conspiracy designed to create a one world capitalist empire. The John Birch Society claimed the group was a left-wing conspiracy designed to create a one world socialist empire. There are plenty in between with much more to say, like David Icke, the Brit who claims the world is ruled by 7-foot lizard people who put on their GW Bush and Kris Kristofferson skins when coming up out of their subterranean lairs (

We know who the Bilderberg Group is (they do release the invitees to the press), world shapers like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, but what does this group represent?

As Vic Neverman, I tread in the dark waters of the conspiracy soup and can tell you what the theorists are predicting to go down this week in Switzerland:
– The Bilderbergers will discuss how to further military involvement in North Africa
– They will discuss ways to continue to drive the price of gas up
– They will nominate Rick Perry as the GOP Presidential Candidate to hedge their bets in case their other horse, Barrack Obama, should not be re-elected.

This all makes sense to the conspiracy minded – military engagement, Arabic unrest, rising fuel costs – these have been the norm for the last decade, it would make sense the global elite are driving it. As far as the GOP nomination, word is that Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 (Obama and Hillary both reportedly attended in 2008). If you consider the strange republican dance that has taken place, where clowns have been led to the slaughter one after the other – Palin, Trump, Gringrich, Palin again – it would make sense if the Powers That Be are throwing up a smoke-screen before the Chosen One emerges from the flames. Why not Rick Perry? He is a Tea Party Texan Secessionist, or so he admits, but he is also a Karl Rove disciple who was Lt Governor to GWBush. If anyone represents the Establishment (despite his green roots campaigning), it is going to be Rick Perry.

You heard it here first (or at least second, third or fourth) – Vic Neverman predicts Rick Perry to be the Republican nominee for 2012.

These are my predictions based on the Political Establishment in America, but what about the Bilderberg Group? Are they masterminding the whole thing? If you look at the list of invitees, you’ll find representatives of the biggest banks in the world (Chase, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Citi Group), international corporations (Royal Dutch Shell, Fiat), and one of America’s chief spies, Keith Alexander, the Director of the NSA. What doesn’t reek of global banking/military conspiracy?

Keep reading… The list includes some nouveau riche uber-dorks, like executives from Google, MicroSoft, Amazon, Facebook and Linked-In. Goodness me, could this be… Facebook, the tool of the Arab Spring, is now a part of the military industrial complex?

Can we honestly believe that Shell, Citi, and Linked-In are making global policy decisions that will effect each and everyone of us? Of course not. In order for there to exist a global elite, you cannot have a swinging door of attendees at the club house. A true secret society would not invite the most popular kids in school to their party, as is the case with Bilderberg. Sure, the discussions here may be off the record, but secrets do not imply power. What if Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and Bilderberg invitee, decides he doesn’t want to do what the Lizard People tell him to do? It just is not plausible for a massive globalist conspiracy to come out of this group.

While I, Vic Neverman, believe the Bilderberg Group to be more harmless than sinister, this does not mean there does not exist a powerful oligarchy making the rules behind the scenes, members of which may be attending this conference. I just don’t believe you can assume each of the 140 attendees of the Bilderberg Group (a list of people that is in flux year to year) is hiding their sworn allegiance to a globalist agenda.

See the list of reported attendees below