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Vic Neverman, your friendly neighborhood conspiracy theorist, subjects himself to the lunatic fringe so you, dear reader, do not have to.

Monday was another dreadful occurrence in a year that has already seen unfathomable violence across this country. In 2012, the shootings at Aurora and Sandy Hook ignited internet memes in absurd and abstract manners. Before the tide in favor of gun control could slowly rise in the aftermath of the shootings, there was already a backlash of anti-gun control hysteria. Before the dust figuratively settled, the 2nd Amendment seemed to be in jeopardy, according to the internet & conspiracy radio. The absurdist rationale that the White House would use these shooting massacre events as their advantage to take away weapons from the American people permeated the sub-culture of the paranoid and this quickly seeped into the mainstream consciousness. Welcome to the World Wide Web. Bollocks.

Tuesday. 24 hours of twitter feeds and conspiracy chat rooms. I, Vic Neverman, cleared my ears out with a home-remedy wax clearing agent (coca-cola), put on my prophylactic sweatshirt (despite the early summer outside) and plunged myself into the thick of the madness. From within my jungle bungalow at St Basil Trailer Park in Central Florida, I tapped my mind into the hysteria and this is what I found…

#1 – 98.9% of anyone leaving comments on the web is either an idiot, uninformed, prejudiced, biased, a masochist, a sadist, a lover of Schadenfreude or some mix betwixt or between.

#2 – That 98.9% is belching forth conspiracy theories about how the bombing was some sort of inside job, but these theories are relegated to the back pages. The prominent front page stories are:

#3 – About the dark figure walking the Boston Skyline. There exists a photograph of a shadow figure pacing the rooftops above the explosion at the time of the explosion. The hunched, villainous, posture of the figure is the prime reason for suspicion. Give him a top-hat and it is Professor Moriarty. The figure has its head down, yet it possesses a long stride.

The Man on the Roof (the most published picture in America)

The Man on the Roof (the most published picture in America)

Consider for a moment – you are a spectator atop one of these buildings watching the finale of the Boston Marathon. Bombs burst beneath you, far below in the street. You are startled. You may quickly dash for safety, but your head is likely on a swivel, looking for danger. Who… Who would sulk off in such a manner as to have their head bowed?

#4 – Cell Phone Outage immediately following the blasts. The local cell phone carriers explained it as a pot over-boiling, everyone is trying to call in or out. There is only so much bandwidth. The cell phone towers couldn’t handle all the traffic as Marathoners and Spectators called home and home called them.


Is there, akin to Egypt’s Internet “Kill-Switch”, a Cell Phone Kill-Switch? Authorities asked people to not use cellphones after the explosion so that they might not accidentally detonate another bomb.

Uh… Come again?

Two Bombs went off. There is much speculation about how many more existed. Were the first two activated by cellphone? Were the others (as many as three are rumored) not detonated because of the cellphone Kill Switch? Is it possible Big Brother told the Cellphone Providers to kill coverage in a certain mile radius of the blast immediately and that this act could have saved us from further devastation.

And if there is a cellphone Kill Switch the government is not telling us about… what other types of Kill Switches exist?

#5 – Lastly, the blast as seen by many, seems to be the result of a low-tech demolition. Pressure-cookers filled with low-grade explosive instead of beef stew… Even Vic Neverman critiqued it as amateur hour. This is not to discredit the damage done – Aurora and Sandy Hook were massacres at the hands of idiots with access to artillery. Sadly, even amateurs can get their 15 minutes of infamy.

Given the low grade explosion, theory must lean towards small-scale domestic terrorist or tourist, either a homemade asshole with a vendetta or an extremist practicing a defense of their faith. In either case, I fear the enemy is small potatoes. Soon to be mashed.


Egypt has flipped the internet Kill-Switch. For those of you that laughed at my suggestion that Julian Assange was a patsy working for the establishment by releasing relatively weak leaks until the government is justified in flipping the internet kill switch and then regulating all truth that hits the web… suk it. See my blog “Is Julian Assange a Patsy” for more.

This can happen. And will happen soon. If the internet is the greatest medium of free speech in the history of modern man (discounting previous prehistoric civilizations that may have had similar technology), that is all about to change.

It was nice knowing you,

Victor Ulysses Neverman