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Interpol Most Wanted: ASSANGE

Julian Assange, the megalomaniac and secret-exposing founder of WikiLeaks, has been granted Ecuadoran citizenship. This comes after hours weeks a month of Vic Neverman emails, text messages and facebook-likes to my most trusted South American contacts, urging them to grant asylum to the creepy Aussie accused sex-fiend.

NOTE: Just because I support what he does as a proponent of absolute government transparency doesn’t mean I like who he is.

Did this unrelenting email campaign, I, Vic Neverman, engaged in, assist in this victory against tyranny? Was it my efforts that might help prolong keeping Assange from the mits of the Brits who will deport him to Sweden who will extradite him to the United States who will bury him under Yucca Mountain?


Nevertheless! Ever the Neverman! With my obligations of persuasion complete, I may now focus my campaigning skills to the dire cause of Pussy Riot, the Russian punk rock band arrested for their sacrilegious display in an Orthodox Church.

T-Shirt Design by Vic Neverman, proceeds to go to defense fund of Pussy Riot

The Pussy Riot scandal involves the lady rockers’ speaking out against the oppressive Russian Orthodox Church’s hierarchy and its joining of forces with the oppressive Russian government’s hierarchy in a united oppressive front to suppress art, free speech and overall warm fuzziness. Pussy Riot got their message out to the world by putting on a “punk prayer” demonstration inside Moscow’s most prominent church, which promptly got them arrested on charges of hooliganism. Now, they await a verdict that might add another 3 years of imprisonment on top of the five months they have already spent in prison.

(Follow-up 8/18/2012: the verdict is guilty and the sentence is said to be 2 years of prison)

Pussy Riot on Display, err, Trial

While their presentation may have offended many of the Orthodox faith, Pussy Riot’s cause is a sound one. The femme punk rockers made themselves martyrs, willing victims of the oppressive Russian regime as a means to bring attention to tyranny. These are some ballsy chicks. And well intentioned, according to their “manifesto”:

I would like to emphasize the fact that, while at the Cathedral, we did not utter any insulting words towards the church, the Christians, and the God. The words we spoke and our entire punk performance aimed to express our disapproval of a specific political event: the patriarch’s support of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who took an authoritarian and antifeminist course. Our performance contained no aggression towards the audience, but only a desperate desire to change the political situation in Russia for the better. Our emotions and expressiveness came from that desire. If our passion appeared offensive to any spectators, we are sorry for that. We had no intentions to offend anyone. We wish that those, who cannot understand us, would forgive us. Most of all, we want people to hold no grudges against us.

-Nadia Tolokonikovoy

Punk Prayer at Christ the Savior Cathedral, “Hail Mary! Expel Putin!”

Vlad “the paler” Putin, ever the empathetic, mentioned he hoped the trio of girls would not get too severe of a punishment. Pretty kind words from the president, who has let Pussy Riot sit in prison for almost half a year after being the inspirational muse of the punk prayer, “Hail Mary, Expel Putin!”

Vlad Putin: Da, this pussy riot nyet

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dimitry Rogozin (whose campaign slogan must have been, “if at first you don’t succeed, Dimitry, Dimitry, Rogozin”) has provided the highlights of the ruling party’s response via tweet. Rogozin’s tweets came mostly in response to Madonna’s pledged support during one of her tour stops. Here is a Rogozin gem in regards to the Material Girl, roughly translated by the Inter-Web, “Every former whore seeks to lecture everyone on morality as she gets older. Especially during tours and gigs abroad.” Later he tweeted, “Either take off your cross or put on your knickers.” We assume it was also directed at Madonna.

Madonna, the reformed “whore” with her moral antics, tour stop Moscow with “Pussy Riot” drawn in magic marker across her back

And so I, Vic Neverman, begin a new unrelenting campaign to raise money in favor of Free Pussy Riot Now! Should they be further prisoned, I will put the brunt of my cerebral powers towards hatching an escape plan. I am already trying to figure out how to sneak Julian Assange out of London and to Quito, how much harder would it be to break the punk rock trio out of their Siberian prison camp?

Neverman above Quito at umpteen thousand feet, plotting out how to get the douchebag meglomaniac Assange into Ecuador

Appendix A: A Defense of Defending Julian Assange

I wanted to take this chance to address a message I received from “lilith@nonymous”:

Dear sir, I don’t want to sound contrarian, but I do not understand your motives. You want to be pro-feminist and pro-freedom of speech, but your support is misdirected with Julian Assange. How can you be for feminism in Russia and then help someone who may be a rapist flee the police in London? Are you only pro-most interesting story at the time?

It is obviously a very valid question. Supporting someone like Assange who is in fact fleeing allegations of sexual assault did not come without caution and a crisis of conscience. Roman Polanski, the famous director, avoids the United States in order to avoid charges of sexually assaulting a minor. I avoid Roman Polanski movies on principal. Shouldn’t I then refrain from support Assange?

It is not that easy. There are no charges against Assange. He is wanted for “questioning” in Sweden. If the Swedish authorities had enough to press charges against Assange, that would warrant his deportation to Stockholm. If they only have enough suspicion to ask to question him… Are they hoping he confesses? What is more is that Sweden refuses to guarantee that Assange will not be extradicted a third time.

Now I am not a criminal attorney or an international legal pro. If I am wrong, please tell me so. Is “questioning” enough for Sweden to expect England to extradict Assange? Is it enough for England to break diplomacy with Ecuador and make a seizure of the embassy in London? Hardly seems so. Which is why I believe the “questioning” is just a ruse to get Assange somewhere the United States can grab him. England might be our greatest ally, but they do not want this blood on their hands, they would rather transfer the blame to Sweden.

Certainly, if the tides change and Assange is charged with rape, then even the Ecuadorans will have to think twice. If Sweden agrees to pursue their line of questioning and not send Assange to the United States where he faces an end to life as he knows it, then I will reconsider my position.


“Occupy (insert location here)”… what is it all about?

The Spanish Inquisition that is the televised Establishment pundits are weary of Occupy Wall Street and its franchised spawn, crying witchcraft and demon-possession, or the contemporary equivalents of such. Is this Occupation Movement no more than a 21st Century St Vitus’ Dance – a mass psychogenic illness plaguing the underemployed and bored? Or is it something more: will the effect of all the dissatisfaction create a more liberal version of the Tea Party Movement?

The Wall Street Journal took a survey of Occupy Wall Street (or, more aptly, “Occupy Zucotti Park” in NYC) and found 64% of protestors were under 35 years old and as many as 31% would support violence in order to enact change. Of course, the WSJ is likely biased against any anti-Wall Street rally. Still, by assuming the Zucotti bunch represents the rest of the country is parallel to saying the Tunisian revolters were secular, so the rest of the Arab Spring must not be Islamic Fundamentalists. Occupy Wall Street is where the Occupation began, but it is not the voice of the entire movement. If there even is such a collective voice, it wouldn’t be limited to the five boroughs.

In Oakland, violence has broken out. While New York’s OWC might be having their “Valley Forge” moment with the onset of winter, Oakland’s occupation is having their “Spartacus” moment as the Californian participants are chanting, “we are all Scott Olsen” in reference to the injured veteran amongst their ranks. Watching the weekend play out in Oakland, trying to figure out where this movement is going, I became inspired by the Bay Area strategies. The Occupy Oakland group began sending out roving bands of spies to follow the Bay Area police. Social networks kept the larger body informed on where the various busses of police officers were moving. It was a grass roots cold war.

The Occupation’s espionage on the police inspired me, Vic Neverman, into initiating Operation Lambshank. I am slowly developing my own nationwide spy network to follow the Occupation around. Until I know for certain where this occupation mania is leading, I want to keep a NeverFinger on its pulse. Since the movement is no more New York than it is Oakland at this point, I decided to establish tentacles across the country.

I have deputized two of my trusted affiliates: one in Chicago and another in Oregon (Salem and Portland), both of whom have frequent run-ins with the Occupation of their respective cities. They will report to me and I, Vic Neverman, will compare their findings with my own infiltration of the Central Florida occupation.

Let the games begin.

Egypt has flipped the internet Kill-Switch. For those of you that laughed at my suggestion that Julian Assange was a patsy working for the establishment by releasing relatively weak leaks until the government is justified in flipping the internet kill switch and then regulating all truth that hits the web… suk it. See my blog “Is Julian Assange a Patsy” for more.

This can happen. And will happen soon. If the internet is the greatest medium of free speech in the history of modern man (discounting previous prehistoric civilizations that may have had similar technology), that is all about to change.

It was nice knowing you,

Victor Ulysses Neverman

According to Cuban newspaper Granma the Swedish women who accused Julian Assange of rape were “honeypots” employed by the CIA, implying that the WikiLeaks founder was actually entrapped!

Of course, those pesky commies will say anything that will put egg all over America’s face. One must be skeptical here and delicate with the terminology of “rape”, which once uttered almost always results in certain social death. In this case, though, the liberal usage of the term in Sweden includes consensual sex without an agreed-upon condom, which was Assange’s crime. He was allowed in the Garden, he just wasn’t allowed to eat of the fruit without a bib.

Certainly nothing to laugh at, yet…

If you think about what the Cubans are implying, even Ian Fleming couldn’t have dreamt up a covert group of six foot blondes who were trained at Quantico by the Agency to practice condom rape entrapment.


Are these charges just a slap on the wrist by the United States to warn Assange to not outstep the agreed upon pace?

You might raise an eyebrow at “agreed upon pace?”

Yes. What if Assange is acting under the direction of the Western Powers he is so publicly trying to undermine with his “leaks”? The leaks so far have been damaging on a public relations standpoint, but really just a mere flesh wound to the mighty Establishment.

“Why would the U.S. want to self-inflict such a wound?”

Look at what happened post 9/11 (whether or not you believe that was an inside job). The defense budget exploded and Homeland Security came into being along with the Patriot Act, putting us one step closer to a police state.

There, I have said it.

There is only one thing left in Their path – freedoms of speech and the press. With one more major “leak”, the government will be able to react in the most drastic way: shutting down the internet and censoring the media. Stating a defense of national security, our free speech and media will vanish. The internet will be parceled out and sold back to us with higher regulations. The days of free internet are over.

That is where we are going.

Then what is all this mess about rape? If Assange is one of Them, why would they entrap him with this charge? Simple. The patsy, Assange became too big for his britches. Assange was teasing us with releasing the complete UFO files. Full disclosure. That was not what the Puppet Master had in mind. Introduce the wrist slap, or “Operation Slippery Rubber”.

We will hear again from Assange. And then we will hear little more…