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War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.
Ambrose Bierce

“Fast and Furious” for the uninitiated is the controversial program set in motion by the American government over the last decade, presumably to track gun and drug trafficking along the Mexican border. This summer, the National Rifle Association began weaving a conspiracy quilt, designed, like a conquistadore’s flu-ridden blanket, to infect the minds of Americans. The NRA claimed the Fast and Furious campaign was an Obama plot (despite being hatched by the Bush Administration before being overseen by Obama’s) to provide a catalyst for removing the 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms. I, Vic Neverman, proposed a different backdrop to the Fast and Furious story – that the American government was actually taking sides in the Mexican standoff between rival drug cartels. See my July 1st blog here:

This week, I received an email from my own personal ‘Deep Throat’ informant, who goes by the name of Reverend Chette Williams (not to be confused with the real chaplain, a disgraced man of the soiled cloth). The good reverend cited an article that backed up my claim, that the US was involved in playing favorites in Mexico and arming the Sinaloa drug cartel. His message was his typical alarm, warning me from getting too close to the edge. This time, however, he went as far as mentioning, “even my wife is concerned for your safety.”

In Chicago, a mastermind smuggler for Mexican drug lords gave testimony to his version of the truth behind Operation Fast and Furious, the gun trafficking program set into motion by the American Executive Branch in association with the Department of Justice, the ATF and the FBI. This smuggler, Jesus Vincente Zambada-Niebla was a “logistics coordinator” for the Sinaloa drug cartel, tasked with getting drugs into the United States by any means necessary. His claim is that the United States was working with “El Chapo”, the Sinaloa kingpin, to help eliminate his competition. Jesus called the American involvement a “divide and conquer” strategy.

While these are the allegations of a man on trial for federal drug charges and should not be taken with adequate skepticism, a similar account was given by a government official in Northern Mexico who claimed the United States was managing the drug trade rather than fighting it.

Would this be the first time the United States government armed evil men to fight for its own best interests? Absolutely not. Al Qaeda was armed by the United States decades ago to fight the Soviets. Around the same period of geo-political black magic fuckery, the Iran-Contra scandal involved the Israelis selling weapons to Iran in order to fund anti-commie Contras to fight the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. At least these attempts of manipulation just involved arming the enemies of our enemies, as we did in the Bay of Pigs, but if you go back a hundred years ago, American Marines were fighting the Banana Wars throughout the Caribbean and Central America to further the commercial interests of fruit companies.

Do not put it past us (U.S.) to try to influence the drug wars below the border by arming our favorites.

When I wrote the original Fast and Furious blog, it was after a dialogue I had with Cyrus Lee Hancock, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who suggested the media focus on gun rights is just a ruse to shift the light away from the truth. When I recently brought this new article to his attention, he cursed, musing, “guess who is definitely on Uncle Sam’s radar now?”

Jesus Vincente Zambada-Niebla will have plenty to say before his trial is over. How much is truth will be left to be seen. Whether the media, beyond the local Chicago papers, will pick up on the story also depends on whether or not our corporatized 4th Estate find it worthy of their special interests. Perhaps, even, the American Public will be fine with our involvement in assisting bad guys killing bad guys regardless of the collateral damage. Do the ends justify the means, though? The family of US Border Agent, Brian Terry, who was killed by weapons the United States sent south of the border, probably doesn’t give a shit about the ends.


Reality is what you can get away with.

Robert Anton Wilson

Conspiracy Theory 101: do not believe every conspiracy theorist believes his/her own proposed theory. While conspiracy theorists are driven by paranoia, many (present company included) are also driven by a desire to conspire. In short, we have conspiracy envy – we want to be the one in the shadows with all of the power. All great conspiracy theorists would make excellent conspirators, we just might lack certain essential resources (various means of influence: be it money, prestige, feminine wiles). When a conspiracy theorist pushes a theory – keep in mind their end goal may not be exposing truths, but manipulating opinion.

Fast and Furious was the name of a government operation involving gun-walking: legally bringing weaponry into Mexico. The ATF could not arrest those who legally purchased 45 assault weapons and took them south of the border as it is all legit, so they decided to track the guns to see where they might go. Unfortunately, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by one of the guns being tracked and now we have a controversy of epic cluster fuckage.

Enter Obama and Attorney General Holder. They have taken advantage of Executive Order in order to conceal certain details about Fast and Furious from the public. Whenever there is secrecy, there is the vulnerability for conspiracy theorists to draw their own constellations out of the stars. The largest player on the scene is the NRA, whose political influence stretches from the far right to left of middle. They are claiming Fast and Furious is a diabolical plot by Obama and Holder to allow guns and eventual mayhem in order to justify tighter gun-control restrictions. The NRA is saying this is a scheme concocted by the Obama administration in order to throw out the 2nd Amendment and disarm Americans.

This is righteous bullshit. Stay with me on this folks, the NRA is brilliant for a few reasons and I will spell it out in good time… For now you should realize what is apparent: Americans are apathetic towards Mexican violence, and thus, this proposed plot. If Obama was going to take advantage of a situation to mandate tighter gun laws, he would have jumped on the Gabby Giffords near-assassination or the Gary Zimmerman neighborhood watch murder. He did not. Gun rights are safe, my friends. Safe for now.

The NRA and the “pry it from my cold dead fingers” bumper stickered truckers have always proposed a leftist agenda to take away the right to bear arms. To assume Fast and Furious is a plan to help advance a disarmament cause is to assume 1) this administration is capable of such a massive smoke and mirrors plot, and 2) the left is completely oblivious to the fact they would be voted off the island the minute they attempt to take rights away. There is no plot by the left to disarm Americans, what there is brilliant political maneuvering by the National Rifle Association. To heighten fears of grandiose espionage against gun-holders is to ensure that even the minimalist gun control legislation is shot down as “the first step in the Left’s agenda to disarm all Americans”. For the NRA to insist on the Left’s attempt at absolute radical reform is to guarantee the slightest measures of gun control are not broached.

This is what I, Vic Neverman, fully believe. There is no plot to take away our guns, only an agenda by the gun lobby to ensure any and every one can get their hands on as many rifles and ammo as deemed necessary. In order to seek out validation, I took my thoughts to Cyrus Lee, gun owner and founder of O.A.S.I.S. (Oviedo Army of Security, Intelligence and Survival – a Neighborhood Doomsday Watch group). Of course, whenever Cyrus Lee is involved, somebody is going to be in a world of hurt. Today, that somebody is yours truly.

Cyrus Lee agreed to meet me at a post-apocalyptic training center in Central Florida where paintballs are used to simulate actual bullets and wooden barriers act as an urban warfare scene. CL put me on a team of misfits – your typical Floridian redneck in camouflage (Note of Interest: as hillbilly as my compatriots seemed to be, their women who fought beside them were attractive, intelligent and hell of a lot ballsier than their manfolk). Through the course of several hours of battle simulations on the hottest day of the year, I was cut to pieces by Cyrus Lee’s gunmanship repeatedly. He let me know what I was doing wrong: I was both too aggressive or too passive, my head was too big, I stayed in the same position long enough for the enemy to flank me or I moved around to haphazardly to allow a sniper to shred through my vertebrae. I sit here at the computer, writing of this experience and can boast a full dozen purple welts across my body – all attributable to Cyrus Lee, the self-proclaimed “Apex Apocalyptist”.

“You’re like a coyote, Vic.” Cyrus Lee told me. “You’re not completely useless, but you are also not Joe the Plumber because your only skill is writing and you never see authors in Mad Max movies, do you? You are sufficient enough to kill rabbits and subsist off of road kill. You’re adaptable and a little wily. You might last a fortnight once the shit hits the fan.” Ahh, yes the mythological SHTF moment when the End Of The World As We Know It begins without ever looking back. Cyrus Lee added a final comment, “You won’t be the first to turn cannibal.” It wasn’t much of a compliment, but it was enough to allow me to sleep more easily tonight.

Cyrus Lee might have an army of hillbillies, but the man himself is more worldly than you would imagine. He even has dual citizenship with a certain European locale that is not Italy, though his Italian heritage had him routing heavily for the Italians against Spain in the Euro Soccer Final. That is right – he follows soccer, not NASCAR as you might imagine. It was while watching the Italy v Spain match we finally discussed the political motivation of Fast and Furious.

“Obama and Holder are hiding something, for sure.” Cyrus Lee began, recalling the Executive Order to suppress information from being released. “The NRA knows this isn’t the crackpot scheme they are claiming because they are in on what is truly going on.” Cyrus Lee, gun owner and card carrying member of the NRA admitted. “They might not be in on the conspiracy, but they are in on the cover-up. They are putting this gun control conspiracy out there as a red herring to disguise the real issue. The NRA is shielding the truth not to help Obama, but because George W is the one that began the whole fucking thing.”

“What whole fucking thing?” I could barely wait.

“The drug violence in Mexico began when the Zetas came into power. It’s all Byzantine city-state cartel politics down there, but before there was just the Sinaloa Pacific Cartel against Tijuana. Once Los Zetas came into the picture, SHTF in Mexico, bro. There once was peace with Sinaloa ruling the roost. Now there is competition and war. Tell me, Vic, in all your foreign policy knowledge – how does the United States react to regional disputes abroad? They pick a side. The Americans and the Mexican Federales picked the Sinaloa. The Americans are arming the established Mexican Cartel against the chainsaw barbarian Zetas.”

“Shit.” I realized. “Even the hactivist group Anonymous has taken up the cause against the Zetas.”

“Well, now, Anonymous is not someone I want to speak for. The last thing I need is them hacking my wife’s Facebook account and turning it off for an hour. You get the point, though. What Obama and Holder are hiding is the fact we have been funding and sending weapons to the Sinaloa drug cartel in an effort to help defeat Los Zetas. We can’t be arming drug lords, at least not publicly.”

“We armed Al Qaeda to take on the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s.” I thought aloud.

“Exactly.” Cyrus Lee finished his tall glass of Coors Light. “As usual in America – the story the networks are batting around is just the red herring. The real story is what they are not talking about. Fast and Furious is not about domestic politics, it is about taking sides in a drug war between rival cartels. George W Bush began the policy, so the Right cannot condemn it. Obama has continued the policy, so the Left cannot express outrage. Best bet for all parties is to keep it under wraps. The NRA is helping by pointing elsewhere to the origin of the stink.”

Prepping for the Inevitable END: Neverman and Cyrus Lee