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Egypt is in the process of purging itself of all things Qatari. It is a part of a reactionary movement against the former ruling party – the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic quasi-political organization financed by the ultra-conservative Qatari government. The Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Cairo in the aftermath of the cluster fuckage initiated by the Arab Spring and they were just as quickly ushered out courtesy of military coup. As a result of the anti-Qatar knee jerk, Egypt has unjustly imprisoned three al-Jazeera journalists on unfounded allegations (evidence = nil) of fomenting dissent and chaos as a means to usher in the right-wing government. Al-Jazeera, of course, is a Qatari news network. Call it guilt by association. The so-called “International Community” is in uproar about the Egyptian vendetta against the press, yet there is barely a yawn from said community calling out Qatar for acting as a sticky-fingered meddler.

Al Jazeera calling for people to call for "regime change" in Egypt

Al Jazeera calling for people to call for “regime change” in Egypt

I am lion, hear me uproar. Rar. Fuck-off Qatar, says me.

My thought is thus: Just because Egypt is paranoid, it doesn’t mean Qatar wasn’t out to get them.

Qatar has long financed the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization designated as a terrorist organization by Russia, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (ironically, all but the neo-Soviets reside in Qatar’s neighborhood). Qatar has also financed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian love-child, Hamas. Wait… do let that sink in. Qatar finances Hamas. Not hummus, Hamas. Hamas is an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, the same Hamas martyring the Palestinian people in an effort to create anti-Israel propaganda. (S)He of sound judgment should be able to empathize with both the Israelis and the Palestinians in their conflict, but (s)he should also acknowledge Hamas is no better than a horde of drunken jet-ski douche sister-fuckers squatting on your lawn on Memorial Day weekend (the reference may be poorly understood outside the State of Florida, but it describes a quality of undeveloped ape Dante reserved for the seventh sub-basement of Hell).

Yet Qatar is ill-admonished for such dealings.

Except here. Fuck you, Qatar. I admonish you.

Qatar is right... there

Qatar is right… there

For those unaware, Qatar is a growth on the back of Saudi Arabia, jutting out into the Persian Gulf like a sandbar pissed on by Midas. Qatar, traditionally an economy based on pearl diving, is now the world’s richest country per capita (#ThanksOil). Their population of 1.8 million includes 1.5 million foreigners imported to further develop metro-monoliths in the 120 degree Fahrenheit desert. This is true – less than 300,000 Qataris exists within Qatar, the rest are migrant workers dying in droves due to the oppressive conditions. Fortunately, for Qatar, there are more workers where the departed came from.

Help Wanted: come to beautiful, majestic Qatar to build monoliths in the Desert

Help Wanted: come to beautiful, majestic Qatar to build monoliths in the Desert

Of course, do not forget Qatar bribed their way to owning the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Who did they beat out in the official voting to see who would host the World Cup? US. The US of A. So… great, let’s have a soccer tournament in the summer on a speck of land where God did not intend life to live. Much better than Orlando, right? Inshallah, right?

Why is there not more outrage over Qatar from the Western World? Our friends – the Sauds and the American-sponsored military of Egypt – hate the Qataris. Why does the United States sit idly by without gut-punching these rabble-rousing usurpers? Damn it, if anyone deserves a knee to the groin, it is Qatar. But nothing… crickets scratch their legs uninterrupted…

How? Why? WTF?

Well, because Qatar has money courtesy of oil and a few pearl necklaces. Qatar has the media influence courtesy of al-Jazeera. Qatar has soccer influence courtesy of owning FC Barcelona (and in the works to buy out Manchester United). These bits alone cannot influence the almighty corporation of America, but what can is this:

Most of those employed by Qatar are not actually Qatari

Most of those employed by Qatar are not actually Qatari

Qatar is no underdog just because there are only 278,013 Qataris living in Qatar. The small fish in the big pond just happens to have a helluva bite. What is Qatar after, really? They partner with the commonly known Western Devil (US), yet they are the most conservative Muslim nation outside of their neighboring Sauds (also friends with US). Do they want to indoctrinate their fundamental beliefs on the rest of the world via subliminal messaging during soccer futbol matches? Are they a state suffering Napoleon complex, eager to assert their relevance dominance on the rest of the world? Are they just a bunch of misunderstood Persian Gulfers crazy from the heat?

All of the above?

Magic 8-ball says ‘all signs point to yes’.


Dr Zahi Hawass

National Geographic’s stooge in Egypt has been overthrown… and subsequently returned to the throne of antiquities with the stamp of “temporary”. Dr Zahi Hawass is an Egyptian nationalist to his core and while I respect his passions, I have long tired of his thick-headed stubbornness and catering to the traditional western interests. Time and again, Dr. Zahi, the head Egyptian Archaeologist, has quashed alternative thought in the fields of Egyptology. The academic establishment, figure-headed by the National Geographic Society, is not interested in change and Zahi has been their puppet in Egypt, keeping the new ideas out and rewarding the conservative mindset of yesterday’s historians.

Last week’s “Destination Truth” aired on SyFy with an investigation into the curse of Tutankhamen. In the half hour (less including commercials) segment, DT was granted access to the tomb of Tut. Sure enough, a sandstorm struck and someone had an asthma attack after being locked in the tomb with the mummy. The curse lives! Yet, there was not one shred of anything that hasn’t been recycled countless times before. Dr Zahi must have been pleased.

Where is this hospitality when it comes to True scientists of alternative thought? Sure, Destination Truth sells itself on paranormal investigations, but it is nothing but brainless fodder I watch while ironing my telekinesis-resistant aluminum suits on Tuesday evenings. The half hour shows put more emphasis on the host’s horse mastery and the crew’s aversion to exotic foods (this episode: egyptian bull cock, boiled it seems) than any sort of investigative technique. My former hobbiest monster squad in Oregon (grown up Goonies) was more professional than these scripted actors. Back to my chief qualm about this and every other show Dr Zahi has allowed within his Valley of the Kings: censorship. There is no chance Destination Truth would have gotten out of Cairo with their video tapes intact without Dr Zahi’s approval. Why? Because all things Egypt have already been decided upon by Zahi and his Nat Geo cronies. Case closed!

Until now… With close ties to Mubarak, Zahi Hawass is on the brink of extinction. In fact, the only reason he is still employed (though closely scrutinized and facing charges of corruption) is because no one else knows how to do his job. How is this? He has never allowed anyone else access into the realm he controls. He has made himself indispensable, but as is always in the case of revolutions, shit changes.

Cue Graham Hancock. Bring in Bauval and Robert Schoch, John Anthony West, and WTFN? (ack. for ‘why the fuck not’, something I am pushing in cyber media), my buddy Michael Tsarion. Let those that have been barred from truly investigating ancient Egypt arrive in Giza and allow them to have a voice. Why have they been restrained for so long? Because they mostly all agree – the pyramids and Sphinx all predate the recorded history of Egypt. Much as the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo predate the Inca civilization. Why is this all so dangerous? If established thought slips away in the Sahara sands, what does this do to the academic establishment? It debases them.

It is the same story of corruption everywhere. Those in power do not wish to relinquish their power. When might alone doesn’t work, those in power resort to corruption. There is nothing unique about the tyranny that had sprouted (and is hopefully being weeded out) in North Africa. This is what we people do.

I wish Zahi Hawass luck in stemming the flow of museum robberies post-revolution (the black market for artifacts is swamped with fresh booty of Egyptian treasures) and I hope one day we will be able to acknowledge the good he has done, outside of his suppression. I also bid Dr Zahi and his regime farewell as I welcome in the potential for a new age of thought along the Nile.

See below for Washington Post’s Article on Dr Zahi’s troubles…


Who are these cowboy agitators in Cairo, whipping the protestors and assaulting international media? The shaky government that is hanging onto the faint semblance of power is a likely culprit. Opossums look fairly harmless until you corner them and this time it looks as though Mubarak and his supporters are the ones snarling their gnarly teeth.

But what could they have to gain? Is Mubarak and company so desperate that they are turning on the Egyptian people, beating up Anderson Cooper, and turning out the lights on the international stage? It is a no-win situation for Mubarak, who before had the option of bowing out gracefully. Now, the United States must quietly begin orchestrating a coup with the Egyptian military and other power groups in Egypt – even the Muslim Brotherhood – to gain control of the chaos. Mubarak has resorted to violence and enough is enough. Time to exile the tyrant…

Yet, something doesn’t feel right. It is almost too obvious that this counter-strike against the Egyptian protestors is in defense of Mubarak. One must think clearly here: who has the most to gain? Mubarak could have left in class, retired to some villa on the Nile, and become immortalized as a friendly question on Jeopardy! Through these violent acts, he loses all chance at a happy ending like a poor tipper at a massage parlor. So it is obvious the Egyptian Establishment has nothing to gain. Unless this is a desperate reaction by those about to lose their power, the new violence in Egypt may be coming from elsewhere.

So who does have something to gain through the violence? The first thing this violence is going to do is hasten Mubarak’s exodus in a manner that the Western Powers may not be able to control the turnover of power. The Muslim Brotherhood and their Islamic allies would gain the most. Could the Brotherhood be playing both sides? Could they be supporting the people through their grassroots campaign while simultaneously playing villain by hiring these desert cowboys to whip up international outrage?

I hope not.

While this has turned even uglier in Egypt, I am still optimistic. What we have is an educated youth who are determined to make a better country. Even if these young Egyptians are moved to action by theological groups, there is still a great opportunity for democracy here. The difficult part will be reshaping the economy in such a way that the poverty becomes controllable. A failed democracy would play into the hands of extremists. For democracy to succeed, the entire table must be set for Egypt and that includes the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another thought on who else gains through this violence…

The fear mongers and the oil barons. Oil barons making money with the rising prices, even as the Suez Canal becomes threatened, hurting their shipping routes. As for the fear mongers, power is most easily gained through the use of fear. Look at the power of religions who threaten damnation. Look at the power of Fox with doomsdayers like Glen Beck. Spread the fear, keep the wealth.

I wonder how much stock in oil Glen Beck has. Could it be that a GB agent provacateur beat-up Cooper Anderson?

Egypt has flipped the internet Kill-Switch. For those of you that laughed at my suggestion that Julian Assange was a patsy working for the establishment by releasing relatively weak leaks until the government is justified in flipping the internet kill switch and then regulating all truth that hits the web… suk it. See my blog “Is Julian Assange a Patsy” for more.

This can happen. And will happen soon. If the internet is the greatest medium of free speech in the history of modern man (discounting previous prehistoric civilizations that may have had similar technology), that is all about to change.

It was nice knowing you,

Victor Ulysses Neverman