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It is that time of year again (again*): the paranoia is ripe and ready for the fear-monger’s harvest. Go ahead and reap away, the bountiful cyber-goddess tells her conspiracy theorist followers as they suckle at her teat, having already sacrificed any semblance of a non-virtual social life at her binary alter. The circus is in town, you see! Rubes on that side, carnies on the other. The Bilderberg Group has met again, back in Chantilly, Virginia. As another summer arrives, another Bilderberg Meeting adjourns, sending umpteen thousand bloggers to their keyboards as they try to set the speculative historical record of what might perhaps could have probably maybe gone on when dozens of the worlds elite met in privacy of a pimped-out Marriot.

*2011’s Bilderberg blog began with same passe opening.

As usual, present at the conference was your garden variety of tech tycoons, media moguls, absolute obsolete monarchs, banking execs and robber barons. New to the scene, were the Tea Party and Occupy protestors gathered outside, who were strangely united against the globalist agenda, or what they deemed was a globalist agendizing sect of the powerful who met here, hobnobbed amongst each other, imbibed their elitist elixir & tonic, buggered goats and brokered first borns. Feeding the frenzy of protest outside the Marriot was the water chumming by alternative media types who all seem to be sponsored by Apocalyptic commercials urging the purchase of gold and food reserves. I know, because I am the last conspiracy theorist to not sell-out to the gold and freeze-dried good peddlers (though every man, even the Neverman, has his price… wink, wink, nudge, nudge gold peddlers).

Poutin’ Putin wasn’t invited to Bilderberg, “I wouldn’t have come anyway. I have better things to do.”

Not invited to the Bilderberg brouhaha was Vlad “the Paler” Putin, who after another game of Kremlin musical chairs is once again Soviet Premier Russian President. Russia, however, was not without global elitist representation. Some of Putin’s leastest friends were present, including Garry Kasparov, one of the greatest chess players not made by IBM in the world. Kasparov was formerly a contender to Putin’s throne, but bailed out of the race when he began to fear for his life. Another anti-Putocrat Russian was Anatoly Chubais, who is also the corporate head of Rusnano, a nanotechnology company.

That’s right, nanotechnology. Who else is a big backer of nano-tech? Mikhail Prokhorov, the 3rd wealthiest man in Russia who is running against Putin for the Presidency (a move, I have suggested, is meant to impress Dwight Howard enough to relocate to Brooklyn where Prokhorov and Jay-Z have moved the NJ Nets). What is the deal with nanotechnology and these Russian globalists? I don’t know, but it scares the living shit out of me. Nano-tech is, of course, the future of immortality. I guarantee right now in some Russian-owned third-world lab, nano-tech robots are inside some corpse, slowly rebuilding the fibers of its DNA until Frankenstein wakes. Sounds dreamy, but where the real nightmare with nano-tech will be is trying to turn it off. Imagine a thousand ants working together to build ten thousand ants who work together to build one million ants – when does it stop? If the nano-bots decide to keep rolling, they would soon overcome the earth, the galaxy, the universe. Gray Goo, they call it: the threat of nano-bots consuming ALL.

Prokhorov and Jay Z planning on overthrowing Russia in what looks like my sister’s basement

Bilderberg didn’t have the anti-Putocrats on-hand to talk Nano-tech, though. In fact, Prokhorov and Jay Z were apparently “no shows” (doesn’t mean their influence wasn’t present). Bilderberg had the Russians present because they are scheming to overthrow Putin. Just look at the last few days after the meetings in Chantilly. The “Russia Day” (holiday of liberation from Soviet rule) protests brought thousands out on June 12th to demonstrate against the “former” KGB thug, Vladimir Putin. Oil prices have dropped dramatically, which inversely affects the Russian economy, fueling economic unrest in Moscow. And Hillary Clinton (who, mind you! attended the 2008 Bilderberg meeting, also in Chantilly) publicly condemned Putin’s favorite Russian arms dealer for selling attack helicopters to Syria to assist in the tyranny there (SIDE NOTE: the arms dealer, Rosoboronexport doesn’t just sell to the Syrians, they also sell to Afghanistan who purchases the helicopters with American dollars meant to stabilize the country, so yes, there is a double-standard at play here). All-in-all, it was a pretty shitty week for Vlad “the Paler” Putin and this is assuming there are not nano-bots at work this very minute slowly nom-nom-noming at his spine slowly turning him into an invertebrate.

A Japanese Illustration of Nanotechnology at Work

According to (gold peddler sponsored) conspiracy “bulldog”, Alex Jones, the Bilderberg does not only have their sights on Russia, but overthrowing the Rus-friendly Syrians by employing the mercenaries they (“They”, i.e. Bilderberg) have payrolled since the early ‘80s, Al Qaeda. An interesting thought… but speculative.

I decided if we were all being speculative, I would come up with my own ideas of what was being discussed. I checked out the evil mastermind’s official website, but it was a bit of a bore… No maps of global domination or anything.

Since we are a democratic country, I decided to listen to a duckload of conspiracy theory radio and summarize the most popular theories and paraphrase them below as if the actual conversations took place in Chantilly…

– Modern eugenicists are making headway on the population issue by developing super sugars that, when employed, strangle sperm like a calamari on rice shashimi plate, thereby creating global infertility.
– There is going to be a refocus on public education to grade students on their ability to complete inane and nonsensical tasks, which would prepare them for no future whatsoever and thus bring the Middle Class crashing into the doldrums of ignorance and disallowing the poor a path out of their poverty.
– What efficient mobilization tactics can we develop to best bring the UN Forces into the United States at the bequest of FEMA in order to institute “marshal law” against Americans, disarming them in the process?

Is the Bilderberg Group the evil old bastards they are made out to be by alternative media? I think back to Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack comments, “three may keep a secret, but only if two of them are dead.” The chances that the numerous Bilderberg attendees could be developing a global policy and succeed in keeping it secret goes against everything I know about human nature. The world is ruled by something much more ominous than old men with an smell for gold.

As for Russia and the fate of Vlad Putin? We shall wait and see. If his fall is imminent, perhaps the old bastards who gathered in Chantilly did have something to do with it.

See 2011’s blog, “Bilderberg: Evil Masterminds or Elitist Boys Club?”


It’s that time of year again. The Bilderberg Group is having their unofficial, invitation-only, meeting in Switzerland. Every year since 1954 when the first secret meeting was held at Hotel de Bilderberg in Holland, a group of some 140 power brokers from North America and Europe have met to discuss policy over cocktails. The nature of this group, designed to be off-the-record from the press, has ignited conspiracy theories throughout the decades by those who were not invited. Fidel Castro claimed the group was a right-wing conspiracy designed to create a one world capitalist empire. The John Birch Society claimed the group was a left-wing conspiracy designed to create a one world socialist empire. There are plenty in between with much more to say, like David Icke, the Brit who claims the world is ruled by 7-foot lizard people who put on their GW Bush and Kris Kristofferson skins when coming up out of their subterranean lairs (

We know who the Bilderberg Group is (they do release the invitees to the press), world shapers like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, but what does this group represent?

As Vic Neverman, I tread in the dark waters of the conspiracy soup and can tell you what the theorists are predicting to go down this week in Switzerland:
– The Bilderbergers will discuss how to further military involvement in North Africa
– They will discuss ways to continue to drive the price of gas up
– They will nominate Rick Perry as the GOP Presidential Candidate to hedge their bets in case their other horse, Barrack Obama, should not be re-elected.

This all makes sense to the conspiracy minded – military engagement, Arabic unrest, rising fuel costs – these have been the norm for the last decade, it would make sense the global elite are driving it. As far as the GOP nomination, word is that Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 (Obama and Hillary both reportedly attended in 2008). If you consider the strange republican dance that has taken place, where clowns have been led to the slaughter one after the other – Palin, Trump, Gringrich, Palin again – it would make sense if the Powers That Be are throwing up a smoke-screen before the Chosen One emerges from the flames. Why not Rick Perry? He is a Tea Party Texan Secessionist, or so he admits, but he is also a Karl Rove disciple who was Lt Governor to GWBush. If anyone represents the Establishment (despite his green roots campaigning), it is going to be Rick Perry.

You heard it here first (or at least second, third or fourth) – Vic Neverman predicts Rick Perry to be the Republican nominee for 2012.

These are my predictions based on the Political Establishment in America, but what about the Bilderberg Group? Are they masterminding the whole thing? If you look at the list of invitees, you’ll find representatives of the biggest banks in the world (Chase, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Citi Group), international corporations (Royal Dutch Shell, Fiat), and one of America’s chief spies, Keith Alexander, the Director of the NSA. What doesn’t reek of global banking/military conspiracy?

Keep reading… The list includes some nouveau riche uber-dorks, like executives from Google, MicroSoft, Amazon, Facebook and Linked-In. Goodness me, could this be… Facebook, the tool of the Arab Spring, is now a part of the military industrial complex?

Can we honestly believe that Shell, Citi, and Linked-In are making global policy decisions that will effect each and everyone of us? Of course not. In order for there to exist a global elite, you cannot have a swinging door of attendees at the club house. A true secret society would not invite the most popular kids in school to their party, as is the case with Bilderberg. Sure, the discussions here may be off the record, but secrets do not imply power. What if Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and Bilderberg invitee, decides he doesn’t want to do what the Lizard People tell him to do? It just is not plausible for a massive globalist conspiracy to come out of this group.

While I, Vic Neverman, believe the Bilderberg Group to be more harmless than sinister, this does not mean there does not exist a powerful oligarchy making the rules behind the scenes, members of which may be attending this conference. I just don’t believe you can assume each of the 140 attendees of the Bilderberg Group (a list of people that is in flux year to year) is hiding their sworn allegiance to a globalist agenda.

See the list of reported attendees below