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Best conjectures on what sort of work is being done at Area 51 today would be that the CIA and Air Force are building stealth satellites with their military industrial corporate sponsors. With China showing off its fierce satellite destroyer rocket, a stealth satellite might be exactly what is called for (if they are not already in place). In the meantime, we are sending cheap satellites into space with technology developed for the U-2 spy plane at Area 51 some 60 years ago. It is quantity over quality scheduled to blast off today from Wallops Island, VA, carrying a low tech satellite aboard an 80,000 lb Minotaur rocket. The missile launching powers-that-be figure if China is going to shoot our space trash out of orbit, might as well send up more cheaper sats.

Not far behind us… actually, very far behind us… are those wacky Iranians who have managed to put a 34 lb satellite in orbit all by themselves (i.e. Russia didn’t help them this time). While the satellite itself is nothing to be too concerned with, this is a demonstration of the pony that put the baby sat there in the first place – Iranian rocket technology. If their rockets can reach orbit, they can likely reach Israel.

Fortunately, the Iranian nuclear facility at Bushehr isn’t quite complete. With a very convenient plane crash in Northwest Russia, the nuke factory in Iran was served a further setback. Who says there is no such thing as coincidences?

Speaking of the Mossad, I was reading the Jerusalem Post and they have some interesting intel on Iran’s plans to launch a monkey into space:

At this point, I have to question the effectiveness of the sanctions our Western Civilization is putting on Persia. How the fuck are the Iranians getting monkeys? I have never been to Tehran, but I don’t recall any of my monkey classes mentioning monkeys in Iran. The Russians taught them Nuke 101, but are they also funneling space monkeys to Ahmadinejad? And who trains these monkeys?


UFOlogy is often viewed by mainstream media as being an obsession with alien spacecraft, but the UFOlogy question is merely, “What is in our skies?” Alien technology is just one possible response to this question, but not the only. Unmanned drones have been seen over American skies for decades, but until these craft became popularized in modern warfare publicity these flying metal insects were classified by investigators as “unidentified flying objects”. Well, now they are identified and they are striking fear in “the bad guys” from Libya to Pakistan and many points in between. My point is this: UFO investigations cover more ground than just the extra-terrestrial lifeform question. Still, UFOlogy is constantly drawn back into a discussion on aliens.

common alien portrayal

To examine why, let us go back to the birthplace of modern UFOlogy – Roswell, New Mexico. In 1947, as the story goes, a crashed UFO and its inhabitants were transported to Area 51, a “non-existent” military base in Nevada. The events around the Roswell crash are the genesis of both UFOlogy and the popularization of bipedal aliens that emerged in the contemporary media. Now, there is a new book “Area 51” that claims the crew of the Roswell craft were not aliens at all, but rather deformed Russian science experiments designed to strike fear in America.

Through her research, author Annie Jacobsen posits this: inspired by the hysteria of the American panic in 1938 caused by Orson Welles’ broadcast of “War of the Worlds”, Joseph Stalin used captured Nazi* technology and science to build and send a remotely piloted craft full of genetically mutated children on a fateful trip to the American Southwest to purposely crash and set American media ablaze with paranoia. Stalin wanted to scare the shit out of the American public.

From Roswell springs forth the bulk of alien conspiracy thought. Consider the familiar image of the alien: one head, four limbs, two eyes, nostrils and a mouth – all positioned much as it would be on a human. How can an advanced race of extra-terrestrial beings exist on a parallel to our own civilization (assuming no cross-pollination**) and evolve to have such overwhelming similarities with us Earthlings? If you consider the vast differences between New World monkeys and Old World, or even of terrestrial iguanas and marine iguanas of the Galapagos, then it is ridiculous to think any alien race of separate origin would so closely resemble homo Sapiens (sorry Star Trek fans). It is akin to tossing two water melons off two different ten story buildings and expecting the splatter of seeds on the street to be exactly the same.

Supposed autopsy footage of Roswell alien

Popular thought on aliens all derives from origins in New Mexico and Nevada. All of the alien images: those bulbous heads, almond eyes, small mouths, spindly arms, comes to us from images of the alien autopsy supposedly performed at Area 51. The new book on the subject of this military base would have us believe these “alien” features are those from the bodies of humans (perhaps children) genetically altered by Russian (ex-Nazi) scientists. The aliens of popular media might not be so extra terrestrial after all…

This, of course, does not disqualify the existence of aliens. It should, however, change how we perceive the suggestion of alien life in our skies. The widely held thought of bipedal humanoid aliens may just be a smokescreen, distracting us from the truth. In her book, Area 51, Annie Jacobsen quotes sources who say the alien hypothesis was useful by the CIA/Military present at the base as disinformation guarding the true work of what was being done at Area 51 – mainly espionage technology.

Stalin wants you to think aliens are in the White House

If Joseph Stalin was the progenitor of the bodies found in Roswell, then he could be called one of the greatest contributors to conspiracy theory and science fiction ever!

*Nazi scientists were collected by Russia at the close of World War 2 just as the American space program originated with the smuggling of German scientists back to Huntsville, Alabama, in “Operation Paper-Clip”

**The assumption of no cross-pollination is in reference to Ancient Alien theory. This premise, of which I continue to study greatly, suggests that there did (perhaps does) exist a superior race of beings that directly engineered the current civilization of man on Earth. This theory supports bipedal aliens being similar to humans as the two races would come from a similar origin. The recent series of Battle Star Gallatica popularizes the reverse version of this theory where refugees from Earth are the “gods” that populate planets in a separate solar system.