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  1. Chette Williams says:


    Hello! My name is Chette, and your blog has piqued my interest. As a former member of a certain three letter organization, which I will not divulge at the present, I can tell you that you are being watched…very closely. I know because they came after me when I threatened to talk about various things I had seen, and operations I was involved with over the years. Fortunately, for my own well-being, I still have contacts within “they” that keep me apprised of their various dealings. I don’t know everything of course, being that I’ve separated myself from their grip and escaped the machine, but I know enough to throw some caution your way.

    My former job as a Profiler gives me some insight into things that may help you. First of all, you can just about guarantee they already know who you are. Now, I figure for the time being you will be in what is called, in layman’s terms, a controlled monitoring situation. This means they’ll monitor you and your activities for approximately six months to gauge if you are a threat. Likely this phase is either complete, or has been in ongoing for quite some time. I won’t go into the details how they monitor you, as it would probably just scare the shit out of you, but they’ll leave no stone unturned. My experience tells me it wasn’t hard for them to find you.

    Just by reading your blog and browsing some pictures I can tell you this, and you stop when I’m wrong: You’re likely a white, early to mid-thirties male. You are unmarried and live alone, probably in an apartment or rental home in the city. You are likely from Florida, or a near-by state, although you have traveled extensively in the past (something which interests “they” very much). Much of your travel has to out of the country, some to “unfriendly” sovereign nations. You drive a foreign made vehicle, likely a sedan – something that doesn’t stick out to the casual observer. You have a full-time job that keeps you occupied during the day, but some travel is associated with your work. That’s all I’ll add for now.

    Hopefully, I have gotten your attention. Now for the scary part, which I saved for last to make sure it has maximum effect. There is someone close to you that is part of this monitoring. If the monitoring phase is complete, it may be someone that was either briefly close to you, or tried to get close to you. I don’t know who because they have many independent agents (really independent contractors) doing their work for them. My guess would be a girl, possibly a co-worker or acquaintance that you recently met. This girl would have likely not stuck around long. In fact, she may have come and gone without much explanation. But, she was close enough to you to gather the intel she needed, and maybe to plant some monitoring devices. They have at their disposal the most sophisticated technology, things that you couldn’t yet imagine. But, the same things work that have always worked, and to a single male in his mid 30’s that is likely a fresh piece of pussy. I could be wrong, but I do know how they operate.

    Now, I have to run as I don’t wont to include too many trigger words in this commentary to tip “they” off, but I’ll return at the right time to fill you in on some additional details, and if I hear any chatter being thrown your way, you’ll be notified. By the way, what does “S.I.F.” mean?

    • Vic Neverman says:

      Hello Reverend,

      I appreciate your interest and the warnings most dire. You do have my attention, yet I wonder now what you mean to do with it. If you were truly a helpful friend, would you hide behind a very public identity? One need not spent much effort in learning much of “Reverend Chette Williams” and might I suggest that you, Sir, are not this man?

      Certainly, I am no stranger to alter egos, but I do stray from impersonating very real identities. I am curious as to why you chose to forge the identity of a corrupted man of the cloth, unless it may be a parallel of your own past. A former agent of some government alphabet soup who had fallen into dishonor? Then what am I to you? A chance at redemption?

      It is a very dangerous game we each play. I eagerly anticipate your further correspondence.

      As far as SIF – this is of course an akronym for “secret internet fatty”, a risk associated with e-dating when a profile underestimates their own weight. Are you suggesting that you, yourself, are not as you seem?


      Vic Neverman

      • Chette Williams says:


        As my initial correspondence indicated, I am back to inform you of some recent chatter that my friends in high places have picked up regarding you. The chatter was a mixed bag, and initially only included laughter from my former counterparts who were watching Madonna’s 53 year old ass trot out to do the halftime show at the Super Bowl, pulled hamstring and all, but I digress.

        Additionally, they indicated to me that significant chatter came across “the wires,” for lack of a better term, regarding your failure to heed my warnings. Primarily, they feel as though to ignore such dire pleading from a former agent with significant government contacts indicates that you are either obtuse, or that you are indeed a significant threat that chooses to spit in the face of mother liberty. Those are not my words I remind you, but theirs.

        I must say that like they, I was extremely surprised at your seemingly sarcastic and frivolous response to my initial comments. They were meant to help, and I thought I made myself perfectly clear, not to be taken lightly. This isn’t some god damned episode of “Airwolf” where Stringfellow Hawke saves the day with a fucking supersonic helicopter. However, to discount “The Firm” would be very naive. Need I remind you that the helicopter in Airwolf was eventually sold after the show ended and became an ambulance helicopter in Germany, where it crashed in a thunderstorm and was destroyed on June 6, 1992, killing all three crew members. Yeah, “thunderstorm” my ass.

        Not only was your open reply for all the world to see completely stupid, but YOU PUT ME AT RISK!!!! For the past day I’ve been on the move, using my former black ops training to keep the dog off my scent. Luckily, they taught me well. The problem is that you’ve not only comprised me, but you’ve compromised yourself in turn even further. However, I should have known that this would be your initial reaction to what is perceived as only fantasy to 99.9% of the public. Only those with experience and exposure to such sensitive black operations would be able to perceive the threat that you face.

        Luckily, there is still time, and you can mitigate their ability to infiltrate your inner sanctum if you’ll heed my warnings and listen. Don’t question my motives, as you can can trust me to be an angel on your shoulder, keeping you out of their sphere. Keep in mind that Congress’s War Powers confers upon them very broad authority to initiate whatever measures it deems necessary to “provide for the national defense in peacetime as well as in wartime.” What this means to all of us is that Congress has broad authority to spend money like a cowboy in a whorehouse to purchase all the latest killing machines and technology. Why question me when I don’t owe you a dime other than what I feel needs to be done to protect our fellow man and to call out those that oppress us in the name freedom. Don’t question my tactics. I’ve been trained well, and if I’m using a certain “handle” it’s because I know their next move before they do.

        Now, you’re likely at a Superbowl party tonight, so be careful. We don’t know could be working fking for them. By the way, Brady , oh shit, I ‘ve go to go…

  2. Vic Neverman says:

    Greetings Reverend Chette,

    Pardon my delay in response, but I used your dire messages as an excuse to get a little R&R (re-arm/re-fortify) in my Florida scrub-brush bunker (the price of container holds is amazing these days) only to re-emerge now that the tick bite in my right knee pit is festering into an infection. You will even note that my latest blog ‘superbowl predictions’ was published two weeks after the superbowl. You may blame your powerful words for such a delay – I had taken flight before I could present my forecast (which, fortunately, was incredibly inaccurate, though may not had been if Wilfork did play both ways as I envisioned).

    So, Rev, you can see I did in fact “heed” your warnings. And if you intended our conversation to not go public, why did you post your message to one of my public pages “Who is Vic Neverman?” This page, I might point out, lists an email address for private conversation not once, but four times! And as to your drunken rambling on AirWolf and Madonna, I can only assume America’s favorite pastime had sent you into a inebriated delirium, spouting out such nonsense. This is not criticism, merely speculation at your irrational irritability.

    It has been a pleasure making your acquaintance and I look forward to your future diatribes.


    Vic Neverman

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