the Neverman Travelogues

This page is a work in process, detailing the various off-the-grid hideaways Vic has hunkered down in…


North Africa

2014 – Morocco

The Sacred City of Moulay Idris

Vic meets the unscrupulous Conrad in Casablanca 

A Journey to the capital of Morocco, Rabat

Tips for the Travelers: French and Arabic phrases

Paranoid Romance and an Ill Omen in Fes

Paranoid Express: the southbound train to Marrakesh

Red City Confidential: a guide to Marrakesh


South America

2013 – Peru

The Madman of Iquitos – Vic is cursed by a black magic scoundrel

Ayahuasca Narco Tourism in the Amazon

Vic as ex-pat in Iquitos, Peru

2000 – Peru

Ancient Mysterious in the Deserts of Peru

Paranoia, Romance & Troubles in Pisco, Peru

200? – Ecuador

A rambling take on life off-the-grid, including time spent in the Galapagos


Southeast Asia

2010 – Vietnam, Cambodia

The Great Antagonist: Phineas Crux and the Showdown in Siem Reap

Saigon Blues: Vic’s Rescue By the Mossad




Vic fakes his own death in Sydney


Turkey and the Balkans

2009 – 2011

Istanbul – China’s influence on Turkey

Istanbul – Vic Tortured beneath the City Streets

Zagreb – followed by Chinese spies

Split – discussing Croatia Conspiracies

Dubrovnik – Who Killed Milosovic?



2007 – 2012

Kinsale – A Neverman Ghost Story

Galway – memories of Armageddon

Galway – Paranoia with Sinn Fein and Nazis

Dublin – hunted & haunted



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